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7 Advantages of Web Push Notifications for Marketing

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how web notifications work

Web or Browser push notifications are a powerful marketing initiative.

The push notification is a short message with text, maybe a logo, or an image and buttons, and it appears at the top of a current web page with a call to action. Internet users can accept or decline the action the site or organization wants.

In this business blog, there are seven reasons you should use web push notifications as a marketing initiative for your site and business.

More Visitors and Sessions

The top reason to set up web push notifications is to pull visitors to your site. For example, when you write and publish a new blog post on your site, you want it to trend with many views and visitors sharing it.

With the web push notifications, existing subscribers will be alerted to the new blog post or article with a small popup at the top of the browser. The blog post title, a sentence, an image, and a click button will be in the popup. Or your popup may be designed to show the site logo and clickable title.

The popup is an instant call-to-action that pulls visitors to your new post and site.

You’re probably familiar with the same pull marketing email campaigns. However, the web push notifications do not require you to programmatically or manually create the email message with the new blog post information.

More subscribers sign up for your web notifications, and more will click the popups and visit your site.

businessblogshub website

BusinessBlogs has just changed its push notifications provider, and you can subscribe to our new post notifications.

Use a browser or web push notifications to pull visitors to your site whenever you’ve added new content. More visitors also means more sales, social media sharing, and referrals.


Previously, marketers could send browser notifications only to their entire contact list. Because of this, many users received unnecessary and annoying information.

However, with automation, AI and other new tech push notification service providers allow their customers to send personalized web notifications to different segments of the contact list of subscribers.

With their help, eCommerce brands can send to website users:

  • relevant and personalized messages
  • through all popular browsers
  • on mobile and desktop devices.

High Delivery Rates

There are only a few reasons why a web push message may not reach users:

  • a user has blocked notifications from the website,
  • the device was turned off,
  • the subscriber didn`t have access to the internet.

But these situations are not too every day, so the delivery rates of web push notifications range from 50% to 90%. Even if the browser was closed or the device turned off, users could receive a message the next time they open their browser.

Ease of Use

Push notifications are a perfect way to quickly deliver messages and encourage users to visit the website.

It only takes a few minutes to create a web push notification. You must briefly formulate the main idea and add an attractive banner and a CTA button.

Content Personalization

Automatic substitution of personalized content in the notifications will help you capture the attention of your subscribers much better than ordinary bulk messages.

For example, call the subscribers by their first names.

However, it is better to use more complex personalization. You can insert an image of the product the user abandoned in the cart or the order number they made.


Web push notifications provide an excellent opportunity for automating regular communications between a user and a brand. You can use them

  • as a part of your onboarding campaigns,
  • as abandoned cart reminders,
  • as transactional notifications.

In fact, with advanced marketing automation services, you can set any event that triggers the automatic sending of a web push notification.

Most often, online businesses use email or SMS as marketing channels. Push notifications don’t replace but complement them.

Advanced automation systems allow you to use multiple channels in a single marketing workflow, for instance, an abandoned cart workflow. This significantly increases customer engagement and the user’s chances to take the target action.

Branded style

You can design your notifications in the same style as your website. To do so, use your brand guidelines for consistency of the visual impact of the logo, images, and fonts.

The branded style of the message will attract your users’ attention, and they will be more likely to perform the action you want them to take.

Customizable lifespan

Push notifications have an “activity time” that you can set manually. Due to this, you will not annoy your users with outdated information, for example, after the promotion has ended.


Web notifications can be the perfect solution for fast and reliable customer communication. They are delivered when users open the browser, even if they don’t visit your website.

Considering all this, segmented web push notifications can become a new powerful channel in your omnichannel marketing strategy.