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6 First-In-Mind Brand Ideas and Examples For Your Business

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Can you name six ways to get customers thinking about your brand?

There’s no one right way to do it, but part of growing your business is establishing brand recognition.

While there are hundreds of ways to do this, one of the most critical ways is getting your brand directly in the hands of your clients. This is true no matter what your business does.

Whether you sell candy, fix cars, or make candy cars, you want to get your company’s name in front of your potential customers. To help you think of some things you can do to help your brand, we’ve come up with six ways to get your brand in front of clients and customers.

Creative Business Cards

Many of us carry business cards with us. This is an effective method to building your network and efficiently providing your contact information to customers or those you might work with in the future.

However, business cards are often tossed by the wayside or used as a bookmark without any further thought.

You can combat this by making and handing out creative business cards. Of course, this will cost you some extra money in the end, but the ultimate goal is for this investment to pay for itself.

Over the years, many business cards were created that serve more function than a simple piece of paper.

Examples include a USB drive, plastic bottle opener, foldable phone stands, and even a pocket-sized cheese grater. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Custom Office Supplies

People love free stuff. Especially if it’s practical. Small office supply items can be easily mass-produced and purchased at a reasonable price. This can include something as small and simple as a pen or as large as a reusable water bottle.

Items in between can include a mouse pad, note pad, or desk calendar. If you’re considering branding a simple thing that will be used, custom pens and pencils will hang around offices and homes for a long time with continued and prolonged use.

Product Giveaways

More than office supplies, people love product giveaways. Aside from getting your brand name and identity in front of your customers, you can get your actual products out in public with product giveaways. Yes, they’re going to cost money and cut into your inventory.

However, one person with a product they love can drive hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue.

Let’s examine this using an example of a spatula. You have a winner for your giveaway and send a spatula.

Let’s say the winner uses it in front of two friends and recommends it, then those two friends go buy one. Now you’ve already made up for the cost of the giveaway as well as a total profit. But it doesn’t stop there.

Those two friends have this great spatula they use in front of two friends, and now you have four more purchases. The growth potential is exponential and simply because you gave away one of your special spatulas.

Although, it’s paramount to think about the opposite end of the spectrum. If you send out an only so-so product, it could ruin your reputation.

The winner of the giveaway will then tell their friends not to buy this product or anything from you, for that matter. As a word of advice, don’t skimp on giveaways and make sure it’s a product you want in customers’ hands.

Social Media

One of the most cost-effective methods that you can use to get your brand directly into the hands of your clients is social media.

Your brand’s images will literally be sitting in their hands with minimal effort or cost on your behalf. Yes, you can pay for ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

However, sound hashtag research and fun imagery will go a long way to catch customers’ attention who are scrolling through their timelines.

Like SEO, simply using hashtags and targeted keywords in your posts is free and will get your post in front of people who you want to see it.

Therefore it’s important to understand that using social media doesn’t limit you to search results within the platform itself.

A well-optimized Instagram post will show on search results pages on Google, and your customers will be directed to your Instagram account. Furthermore, your images are more likely to show up in the image search results on Google.

Another important aspect of social media that’s often discounted by small or growing businesses is interaction.

If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s imperative to interact with your customers on social media. This helps develop a relationship of trust that there’s more than a robot scheduling posts each month.

Can this be a little intimidating? Yes, it can. But you don’t have to be a Twitter troll like Wendy’s, an Instagram meme master like Slim Jim, or get everyone’s mouth watering on Facebook like Nutella. Instead, you can be your friendly neighbourhood bakery that wants nothing more than to make sure everyone enjoys their cupcakes.

Make T-Shirts

Most people aren’t going to turn away a free t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s in their style or not. It’s not common for people to turn away a free shirt. One of the great things about it is that you can put just about any logo or design on a t-shirt and give it away.

Whether your shirts get worn on Saturdays while dad’s out mowing the lawn, kids wear them to bed, or it becomes somebody’s favorite shirt to run errands in, this is a way to get your brand out among the general public.


No matter what it is you sell, you’re an expert at it. If you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to sell it.

In products or services, you’re the expert on the material. Not only are you the one who can help the customers with a sale, but you can also provide them with advice.

Part of blogging is providing helpful information to those who are seeking it.

For example, if you run a camera shop, you can give your customers free tips about adjusting the depth of field on their camera.

If they still don’t understand after reading your blog post, offer them some tips in-store. You can do this with any business, and it’s proven to be an effective method to get your brand in the hands of your customers as they search for information.


There are many ways to stay front of mind with your customers. The trick to it is to take action regularly, particularly on social media and your blog.

Create a plan of action and use online and offline brand promotion initiatives to reach your audience and remain relevant.

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