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5 Digital Marketing Advantages In 2019

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You’re missing out on a major marketing strategy if your digital marketing game is falling short!

Every business needs a strategic plan when it comes to marketing. But is a digital marketing strategy necessary for success?

We wouldn’t recommend marketing your business without it.

Recent statistics tell us that 59% of consumers source multiple channels before making contact with a business for the first time. Most of those sources are digital, including email, online advertising, and social media.

What’s the big deal when it comes to digital? Here are five digital marketing advantages to consider when developing your marketing plan and budget.

1. Results are Easy to Measure

You’ve probably heard of click-thrus, conversion rates, and impressions. These marketing metrics are unique to digital marketing–and they’re extremely valuable

Wouldn’t it be great to know when a potential customer receives your snail-mail piece? You’d also love to know when they open it, if they read it, and what part of the art or copy triggered them to make a purchase in your store.

That kind of tracking isn’t possible with traditional marketing strategies. However, with digital marketing, you can track the effectiveness of many critical pieces to your campaign.

From the effectiveness of subject lines, to knowing who opens an email, to tracking which link or text within an email generated an action–digital marketing results are easy to track.

With that kind of data, your marketing team can make strategic decisions about campaigns, audiences, and offers. Tailor upcoming campaigns to audience behavior from prior campaigns.

2. Make Strategic Changes As You Go

With many traditional forms of marketing, you have to wait until the end of the campaign to know how it performed. If something goes wrong, you can’t pull back a mailing or print advertising.

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is the ability to make strategic changes mid-campaign.

With real-time results, if a campaign isn’t performing well or you need to make adjustments, marketers can edit or cancel a campaign with immediate results.

There’s no need for a campaign to be a total loss. Watch your metrics throughout the campaign and make adjustments to ensure success.

3. Create a Personalized User Experience

How personalized does it feel when you receive a “Dear Friend” letter from a company? It’s not as inviting as receiving communication addressed to your name with content that relates to you as an individual–not as one in a crowd.

Personalization is available with print campaigns, but it’s limited. It also increases your costs for the campaign.

Another reason why digital marketing is so effective is the level of personalization available for your campaigns. Address users by name. Target potential customers by interests and geography.

In most cases, adding personalization to your email or digital add campaign doesn’t increase your costs. Agencies like Trevisan recognize the importance of personalization when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

Instead of blasting the masses with your message, target a smaller audience for a personalized experience and better success.

4. Accessibility to Your Audience

How are you doing? Your customers will tell you.

Some businesses fear online reviews. For the many good reviews out there, there’s often that one disgruntled customer who blasts out a terrible review on any available platform.

Your offline and online business reputation is manageable in the face of a bad review or an incident out of your control. But your marketing plan has to include a method to monitor online reviews and plan of action when negative reviews appear.

If you’re not actively monitoring your reviews, there are other indicators that your online reputation might be in trouble.

When sales suffer, or you notice a decline in profitability, you could have a reputation issue. While it’s easy to become disheartened when negative reviews happen, it’s a perfect time for online brand management.

It’s not an easy process. But your business has an opportunity to request positive reviews and respond to negative reviews.

Take an active role in the advantages of having access to customers and their feedback.

5. Reach Far and Wide

Most traditional forms of marketing have limits to size and scope.

Whether it’s a lack of budget dollars or a physical restriction to a print ad, non-digital advertising has limits. Your digital marketing efforts will reach farther and wider than most traditional marketing campaigns.

When using social media, the only limit to your reach is your strategy and creativity.

Facebook ads are far less expensive than a mailing or print campaign. You get more bang for your buck online when using strategic audience selection tools and carefully crafted ad content.

Plus, when using social media, organic reach and influencers can take your brand further than you could plan it with paid advertising. Users who enjoy your product or service will share your business with others online.

The value of organic reach is almost priceless when it comes to digital advertising.

Your ad spend goes further online. Audiences from around the world can learn about your local business and take advantage of what you have to offer.

Your physical location becomes less of a hindrance to your business with digital advertising as part of your marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Advantages Help Grow Your Business

While it’s important to have a multi-channel approach to marketing your business, paper mailings and print ads have limits to their reach. Digital marketing advantages help take your traditional marketing strategies to new audiences.

From digital messaging to choosing the right channels to defining your budget, make sure digital marketing is part of your overall marketing plan.

When planning your digital strategies, it’s essential to make sure digital efforts are not an afterthought. If you have limited budget dollars, focus first on digital strategies.

With small budgets, you’ll see a bigger impact when focusing your strategies on digital channels.

Set your digital marketing goals within your overall marketing goals. Read more about the importance of creating and reaching digital marketing benchmarks to help grow your business and evaluate your marketing efforts.