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6 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Brand Awareness

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The likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Nike are some of the most successful businesses in the world for one primary reason: they know how to build brand recognition and are considered a household name because of this. If you want to become a leading player in your industry, here are six quick and easy ways to increase your company’s brand awareness.

Give Freebies to Your Customers

Many companies might not want to give free products to their customers, as they might believe it defeats the object of running their business. However, giving away your products, services, or promotional supplies can provide a great return in the long run. Everyone likes a free product, so giving away an item means your target customer is more likely to use the product and engage with your brand – and they might enjoy the item so much that they return to your business to make a purchase, or they could refer you to a loved one.

Try Wrap Marketing

This tried-and-tested method involves completely or partially covering a company car or van in advertising ‘wraps.’ Use custom wraps on your company car fleet, window decals or walls to build brand awareness. Professional, unique design can either wrap around the whole car or could adorn the doors, allowing it to attract the attention of the public. So, wherever the vehicle goes, people will become more familiar with your brand, and may eventually become customers.

Introduce a Referral Program

Customers might be happy to spread the word about your brand in return for a perk. Dropbox is a prime example of how referral programs can increase brand awareness, as they provide 500MB extra storage for each friend a user refers to their cloud storage service. This has ultimately helped the brand to receive a huge amount of additional customers and an increased revenue.

Write Guest Blogs on Third-Party Sites

Actively promote your brand by publishing guest blogs onto third-party, popular websites within your industry. This will allow you to market your business to a whole new audience, who might want to learn more about your brand or visit your website. Your goal should, therefore, be to produce well-written, valuable content that creates a positive first impression of your company.

Run Engaging Social Media Contests

Again, customers like free items, which is why you should run a social media contest to increase your reach across various networks. For example, you could request that social media users submit a photo, video or story to win a free prize. You should also encourage them to share the link with the followers to receive more votes, which can help to increase your brand awareness.

Develop Strong Local Partnerships

If you run a small, local company, you should strive to develop strong local partnerships with other businesses. For example, you could host a joint seminar, industry event, fundraiser, or could cross-promote on each other’s social media profiles and websites. You could also increase brand recognition by sponsoring local charity events, sports teams, festivals, or events.