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About BusinessBlogs

About BusinessBlogs

Why BusinessBlogs?

We set up this blog website to actually help us. We were new to business with a fledgling startup and struggled to find beneficial information online.

Finding good quality articles that provide solid information about business topics can be challenging.

There’s a lot of ‘content’ noise online, and it’s often difficult for everyone to pick out the big hits, i.e., business blogs with authority from all the rough demos.

Many sites repeatedly say the same things, while others don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s why we started BusinessBlogs in 2010. Our goal was back then, as it is today, to provide high-quality articles for businesses worldwide.

At BusinessBlogs, we are learning all the time, just like you! Everything in business is everchanging due to global and local events. Therefore we never run out of high-quality content to share with you, especially on core topics of business, including:

  • Business technology and security
  • Cybersecurity, data protection
  • Business management, accounting, finance, legal
  • Marketing – digital, social media, content, video, SEO
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurialism – mindset, goalsetting, innovation

Our core topics have expanded over the years as recent trends in business have emerged. For example, BusinessBlogs ensures its cybersecurity topic is well-covered and relevant. Plus, emerging technology, too, as it is just so interesting. We love writing on AI, automation, and machine learning.

Over the years, we’ve listened to what you want from us, and it’s your feedback drives us to learn more about new topics relating to business, startups, and entrepreneurialism. A topic always in demand is marketing, including digital, content writing, and SEO, so it will always be our team’s mainstay and a firm favorite with our readers and followers.

It’s All About You

Additionally, we have built our resources to have hundreds of valuable articles. Our information provides tips and encouragement for startup businesses and includes help for people who keep organizations of all sizes ticking along. We cover many topics to help you generate leads to tighten up your business’s cybersecurity. It’s with the help of our readers that we can continue to grow.

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Thank You For Your Feedback

With your input, suggestion,s, and feedback, we know which articles are most valuable and what you want to see more of. Our thousands of visitors each month are significant to us. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to ensure we can continue providing top-quality content to help businesses and business people thrive.

As well as receiving feedback on our site in our comments feature, we also love hearing from you on social media.

Join thousands of others on our social media pages to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more from our network of knowledgeable people.

We’ve learned over the years that you can’t run a business or even achieve success working for one if you don’t engage with a community. We have a friendly and welcoming one right here, ready and waiting for you to join and get as much as possible from the resources available.

Connect With Us

Here at BusinessBlogs, we always love to hear from you. Please comment on our articles or contact us directly if you want to say anything. You can email us at [email protected] or track us down on social media using @BusinessTalk on Facebook and BusinessTalk on Twitter. Join our BusinessBlogs Linkedin Group.

Our BusinessBlogs community includes the handle ‘BusinessTalk,’ so add your voice to the mix to help us provide more of what you want.

One Happy Family

You may be wondering where BusinessBlogs started. We are a well-traveled team from New Zealand, but our reach and interests have always been global.

BusinessBlogs might originate from a small country, but we see ourselves as global citizens. We love to travel, so we take the opportunity to do so as often as possible. Like many of our fellow countrymen and women, we have lived and worked for years away from our country of origin. Our travels have led to long stints working in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Whether you’re starting a new business in Chicago or trying to expand your business in London, we know BusinessBlogs has relevant content for you. Search our site now or click on our latest articles on our home page.