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Instagram Story Background Templates A Guide For Business

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Is your business beating its competition on social media? If not, we have some exciting tips on how you can do better on Instagram.

It’s fair to say a lot of time and investment can be wasted on social media. You may know you want to attract followers and improve engagement and conversion, but your campaigns fail to fire.

Instagram Story Visuals Matter

In this blog post, we hone how to create your business Instagram stories. Plus, why we recommend putting in a bit more effort on the visual presentation of your stories.

Hint: People love visuals so using images, videos and backgrounds in your Instagram stories will help your business acheive its lead generation goals.

If your business is already creating Instagram stories – good on you! Your next task is to ensure your stories attract more followers and improve engagement and conversions.


A simple trick experienced Instagram marketers are using is Instagram story background templates. You may not know why you’d need a background template but don’t worry you can find all the answers here.

First, let’s look more into the value of improving the backgrounds of your Instagram stories and why you’d choose Instagram for most of your social media marketing.

Arguably for Generation Z Instagram is certainly more important than Facebook or LinkedIn and other social networks excluding TikTok.

Visual Appeal

The quality of visuals expected by Instagram users these days is very high. Especially when they’re coming from a business. If the standard is not high, the company will disappoint them, and if it’s the first impression they’re getting of the business, it will be memorable for the wrong reason – it failed to inspire and resonate with the user.

We know marketing needs creativity, and on Instagram – inspiring stories. Businesses shouldn’t so much as blatantly promote their products per se. Instead, create a story around them. Indeed, it’s all in the name – Instagram stories are meant to engage the user.

On Instagram, avoid always presenting an image of a product with the price and how to acquire it. You need to do a whole lot more to win over your target audience.

Save Time, Improve Quality

The message is of utmost importance in marketing. Therefore, the person responsible should spend more time getting this part right. Then the focus shifts to creating the background – which needs to be impactful and on target. You don’t need to fret about building it if you’re not that creative.

How To Use Instagram Story Background Templates

Instagram backgrounds

Use an Instagram story background template, and then all you need to do is customized it so it doesn’t look like a template!

Add photos, videos

With customization, you will be able to add photos or videos. If you want to choose photos or images that don’t belong to you, go online and look for sites that offer copyright-free images and videos.


Some sites where you can get copyright-free images are and

Add your message

On Instagram, you can write something over the images using the fonts you want, in the colors you believe are suitable for your post and the company.

If you have a message you would like to say, add it as a vocal track or put music over it, whichever you prefer. You can even change the color of your chosen background and include animations inside your story.

With the features available to customize your Instagram Story background templates, your creativity will rise to the occasion.

Why Instagram Stories Trend

Trends do come and go, and marketers need to keep up with the latest marketing trends to ensure their business remains relevant with its community of customers and followers.

Right now, the trend is video content – hence the popularity of TikTok and Instagram. Its Instagram stories are the perfect feature for creating videos, even daily. The good news is if your company hasn’t gotten access to marketing experts, it can do better on Instagram.

Creating videos is easy, so presenting them in visually appealing Instagram stories. Your audience will be delighted with the uptick in your marketing skill and delivery.