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Five Ways Small Business can Use Instagram

Social media has opened a world of opportunity for small business—used correctly, this type of internet marketing is a cost efficient way to reach customers. For all social media has to offer, one channel is not being used to its full potential: Instagram. With 300 million monthly users, using Instagram makes sense.

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WhatsApp Bucking The Trend

What’sApp is now 5 years old and is growing in popularity. It’s success maybe due to it’s no ads, no games or gimmicks focus and of course it’s respecting your privacy by not collecting user details.

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Small Business

An increasing number of small businesses today are incorporating the use of social media platforms into their marketing strategies. For small businesses looking to get started with social media it can be intimidating selecting which platform to use, learning how to use it to gain the most exposure and sales-conversion potential, and the ongoing process […]

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Enhancing your Instagram By Followers

Instagram is said to be the best place for the photographic pictures and images, and it would be a golden addition to your talent if you are an aspiring photographer or a professional one. But if you are on Instagram and still are unable to get its full credentials then you are probably snatching away […]

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The Golden Age of Mobile

“Did You Know” Mobile Market Statistics

Check out these amazing “did you know’s…” statistics on the size of the burgeoning global mobile market. An Infographic was kindly shared with us and it provides a fun and factual account of how mobiles are ‘taking over the world’. Did you know users used their mobiles to….

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Why E-Mail Marketing Works for Startups

Startups are very important to a country’s economy. They generate jobs, create services and products and open up new channels of economic activity. But they have their own set of problems. They are cash-strapped, face a stiff competition from bigger peers, badly need publicity, and have a pressing need to locate relevant customers. All these […]

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Tips for Reputation Management In Social Media

Should your business be using social networks to promote your social media marketing strategies and how will your reputation management NZ be affected. Many businesses have shied away from using Social Media because they are worried about potentially negative results and they fear that users will have a free rein and make a negative impact […]

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