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Top 5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is Important for a New Business

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144 minutes per day. That’s how much time the average person spends on social media per day. If you ever wondered where to find your customers online, social media is that place.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has morphed into a ‘verb’ to describe marketing on social media channels like Facebook and other user content sites like discussion forums, blogs and message boards. Anyone can do it, and it’s attractive due to its measurability, i.e. there are customer engagement tools that present statistics on reach and engagement. Strategies include free and paid options, and using SMM is critical if you want to connect with your customers.

What are the five ways it will help build relationships that will boost your business?

1. Brand Recognition

The internet has made it easy for competition to pop up in all industries. You need to stand out if you want customers to buy from you. Interacting with customers directly on social media will help you do that.

Social media allows you to put your brand’s message in front of people quickly and regularly. Your fans see your messages on their activity feeds alongside the rest of their friend’s posts. You can use this time to get people used to your products and thinking about what you offer.

2. Direct Communication

You don’t have many outlets to communicate with customers. You rely on them coming to a physical location, sending you an email, or giving you a phone call. Social media changes that completely.

You can send people direct messages with your social media pages. Your customers can reach out with problems, and you can reach out to learn more about what people want from your company.

3. Viral Content

Your goal with social media marketing isn’t only to create content that your fans read. You want them to share your information on their timelines so that everyone can see them.

Social media opens up the doors to create viral content that reaches more people than you could on your own. If you play your cards right, one post can lead to a considerable increase in your business.

4. Targeting Capabilities

You don’t have many options when it comes to offline advertising. You put up ads in places where you think your target customers travel. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach them.

Social media websites have advanced targeting capabilities that allow you to reach the right people. For example, you can create different ads for different groups to increase engagement and your conversion rate.

5. Value for Money

Not all businesses can afford to keep pumping money into ad dollars. Even if you find a winning campaign, there’s no guarantee that it will last. If you want value for your money, social media is the perfect place.

The cost of social media marketing goes down as you build your following. You rely on your fans to share your content instead of paying for it. After you create a large fanbase, it’s just a matter of regularly producing great content.

Social Media Marketing Is Worth the Effort

Getting started with social media marketing isn’t something that you can do overnight. To get a high conversion rate, i.e. customers buying from you, you’ll need time to build a large following on the social platforms your targeted customers frequent.

If you haven’t started building up your followers on your profiles, get started today so you can begin reaching out to your customers. By reaching out, we infer sharing information that will interest them and link back to your site.

Once you have your social media efforts running smoothly, you can start focusing on other marketing methods including PPC or traditional strategies like billboards and banners. Check out the marketing category of our blog to see what else is out there.