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5 Must-Know Tips for Making a Commercial That Converts

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A new episode of your favorite show has just come out. However, another advertisement gets in your way. You click skip.

However, things are different when it’s your commercial that customers are watching. You don’t want them to go away while you’re trying to market to them.

So how do you stand out from the distractions?

Read on for five great tips on making a commercial that can truly captivate your target audience.

1. Tell a Story That Connects

Part of what you love about your favorite show is that it tells a story that connects with you. If it didn’t, you would not be as interested in it.

The mini-story in the first paragraph of this article can serve as an example.

You are the person this article intends to connect with. Turns out, the scenario above caught your attention and kept you reading this.

In a similar way, you can cause your commercials to connect; stories are great way to make your commercials unforgettable.

2. Be Informative

While stories are great, your viewer still wants to get back to what they were doing, but you can still keep them watching. The key is to spark their interest.

Be informative and clear about how your product will help and think of potential questions that will need to be answered.

Have you heard of our Lizard Brain?

Switch On The Lizard Brain

Focus in on your audience’s lizard brain immediately as it is here that we are only concerned with survival. This is why our lizard brain is also known as our ‘reptile brain’ or even our ‘dinosaur brain’. This part of the brain really is that old! So what’s required for survival? Food, Water, Shelter and so on and when you provide information that triggers the right interest from your audience you then have a bit more time to get the message through on what your product or service can do.

This is especially important when creating a short commercial where you have a more limited timeframe.

3. Establish Trust

Your viewer is officially distracted from their favorite show. They want your product, but also know that some offers are just too good to be true.

Now you have to prove them wrong.

If your business has accreditations, make sure to mention them. Great reviews? Don’t leave that part out.

And in our present pandemic times, cleanliness is highly valued. Talk about what your business is doing to keep customers safe.

Listen and pay attention to your customer’s needs and wants to find out what matters most to them. Then, cultivate trust in a way that connects.

4. Prioritize Quality

So your audience member is still watching your commercial. You’ve included all the above elements in making a commercial for your business.

Yet, there is another element, small, but highly essential. It is the quality of your commercial’s video production.

Quality takes into account elements such as organization, tone of the speakers, visuals, etc.

Having high quality further confirms that your offer is legit and says to the customer that your product will be quality also.

5. Don’t Be Too Salesy

The final aspect of making a commercial is to ensure it does not feel like a typical commercial they would want to skip.

Being too salesy can quickly disinterest a potential customer. Not being salsey enough can hinder the impact of your commercial.

It’s important to find the proper balance.

Making a Commercial Convert Effectively

Making a commercial that that captivates your target audience’s attention may seem hard amidst the distractions. However, it is not impossible.

By offering value to customers and connecting with them, you are setting your commercial up for success.

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