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What To Focus On To Increase Brand Awareness

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Are you confident your customers recognize your brand? Brand awareness can be controlled through advertising mar, marketing management, and brand management, and when it’s successful, your customers can recall your brand.

What should you be focusing on to increase your brand awareness?

This article covers a few areas of managing your brand to manage consumer behaviour when they think of your business.

1. Develop A Brand Personality

The first thing to focus on is giving your brand a personality. Your personality is the human element behind the brand; this is what people will relate to and will help you stand out from your competitors.

You can use your brand’s personality to connect with your audience by evoking emotions. The emotions you evoke will depend upon your business. You can create a brand personality by tapping into your target market’s thoughts and discovering their problems. Then, use your personality to relate with them and provide solutions.

Perhaps humour would suit your marketplace; if so, be consistent and use it throughout all your campaigns on your website and social media posts.

By having a solid personality unique to your brand, you will become memorable, creating awareness.
When you’ve found a personality that suits your marketplace, your next step is to connect with your customers.

2. Double-down On Organic Social Media Presence

The quickest free way of increasing your brand awareness is by using social media, and both Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to do it on.


With one billion monthly users and fifty billion photos shared to date, Instagram is a powerful way of reaching new audiences.
You can promote your brand using product images, encourage customers to post pictures of themselves using your products and increase your social proof by leveraging testimonials. Nothing’s more potent than user-generated content for raising brand awareness, but more on that subject later.


Facebook’s power is in its ability to create communities. Regardless of which business you’re in, there are people on Facebook who are interested in it. You can connect with them by using your Facebook business profile. You can build a community around it by providing relevant and helpful content.

Once you have a community, you have the possibility of compiling an email list from which you can run email marketing advertising campaigns; that’s priceless.

Another way of harnessing the power of social media is by paying for it!

3. Run Facebook And Instagram Ads

Organic marketing only goes so far. It takes time to establish, so you can avoid these obstacles by running brand awareness ad campaigns and explicitly targeting audiences interested in your products.

Ads work by focusing your campaigns on audiences based on their preferences and behaviours. You can fine-tune it even further by choosing which age, gender, location, time, and device you advertise to.

Through advertising, you can reach new audiences that didn’t know you existed but are interested in your brand’s offerings. Combine this with your social media organic presence and an influencer, and your brand awareness will skyrocket.

So, what’s an influencer?

4. The influencer

A great way to increase your brand awareness is by using a well-known influencer to promote it to their followers via a social media platform.

Influencers are well-known celebs with large online followings. They’re great for promoting products, increasing awareness, and building communities. Influencers also give your product some user-generated credibility. However, the more famous they are, the more they cost, but there’s an alternative for brands with a tighter budget!

Hire a micro-influencer.

An (M-I) is someone related to your marketplace; they could be an authority figure or a famous podcaster who’s well-known, respected, and has a significant following. By using a micro-influencer connected to your market, you know they’ll be advertising your brand directly to an interested audience, but what if you have a website! Let’s look at that next.

5. Leverage User-Generated Content

People no longer just look at marketing messages when deciding if they can trust a brand; they look for feedback from other people. Add testimonials, reviews, and any customer blog posts to your website with their permission. Also, add your own unique content that shares and educates your website visitors; this is how your brand can earn consumer trust. Few things are as powerful as trust in e-commerce, so consider this other way of securing it.

6. Gain Trust Through Partnering

Another way of gaining trust is by partnering with an established brand complementary to your marketplace, and it doesn’t have to break the budget.

Look for established and trusted brands that provide synergistic products or services with your products and services. By associating with trusted brands, their communities will be far more likely to trust you.

What a quick way of increasing your brand awareness in your marketplace!

7. Focus on Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is critical to getting found in online keyword searches. When working on your website, SEO is fundamental to increasing brand awareness. You want your website to be presented on the first page of results, so to get there, you need to acquire knowledge of SEO and do all you can to optimize your site.

There’s a lot involved when using SEO to increase brand awareness, and we have many articles on our site on the topic.


Brand awareness is about consumer behavior, which your business must understand for your target audience. Influence customers with well-thought-out and executed brand development strategies, including the information mentioned in this article.