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New to SEO? The Basic SEO Principles That Everyone Should Know

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Did you know that Americans spend at least 60 hours a month online? This time translates to almost $601 billion spent online every year. With this knowledge, businesses are swiftly moving away from the traditional brick and mortar model to the modern bricks and click approach.

As this shift becomes the new normal, companies must be as cautious about their websites and landing pages as they are about their in-house stores.  As such, Search Engine Optimization must become a core process for any modern business.

These SEO principles discussed in this article can help you understand the website basics necessary to take you to the next level if you’re hoping to push your business online.

Focus on User Experience

The first and most crucial SEO principle is a focus on user experience. What kind of experience will anyone visiting your wall for the first time get? Google considers this question before ranking websites.

If you’re looking for the fastest SEO results, then here are some of the ways to improve user experience.

Improve Page Speed

One of the easiest ways to improve user experience is to focus on page speed. Your potential clients don’t want to wait forever for your page to load. 47% of consumers expect that a page will load within the first 2 seconds.

If your web page takes over three seconds to load, then 40% of your customers will likely not be keen to wait. You can’t afford to lose valuable clients due to slow loading speeds.

It would help to consider your web page’s loading time as a measure to enhance user experience. Working with an experienced digital marketing team can provide the needed support.

Simple Navigation

Your website relies on ease of navigation to ensure user experience. How soon can users who visit your site find the information they need? If your website is hard to navigate, this has a direct impact on the overall user experience.

Simple website navigation involves a better content organization. With the right technical support, you’ll learn how to use headings and fewer tabs to improve the overall user experience.

Keyword Research and Integration

If you want your business to be the first in SEO, you need to focus on keyword research and integration.  Every search online depends on the proper use of keywords. The only way to attract leads is to ensure that you utilize the right keywords.

It would help if you considered adequate keyword research in your specific niche to help you rank your website higher. You have a wide range of Keyword research tools that can help you use the right keywords to market your business. Keyword research and integration enables you to focus on long-tail keywords.

The use of long-tail keywords, as opposed to single phrases, can help you rank your website better. Always avoid short-tail keywords if you want to drive valuable traffic.

Optimize Title Tags

Are you asking “why should I optimize my website?” Well, this is an essential first step towards a higher ranking online. You can start by optimizing your title tags so that most users will see these tags when they search online.

One of the essential SEO principles is to optimize your title tags. This is the first thing that your audiences will see when they search for your listing. You want to create a lasting impression using your title tags and ensure that such client’s searches are relevant to your queries.

Content Is a Deal Breaker

Content drives considerable traffic to your page. As such, you need a content marketing plan to ensure that you convert your leads into reliable return clients. Content needs to be fresh and informative if you want to attract valuable traffic to your landing page.

Some of the common avenues you can use to create and to enhance content include the use of blogs, videos, and infographics. It would help if you considered a variety of these avenues to ensure that you keep your audiences engaged on multiple platforms.

You can read these SEO tips for more on how to create a wide range of content for your audience.

Always Link Internally

Internal linking is the baseline for every business that’s keen on succeeding in their SEO strategy. This approach helps ensure that your audience stays on your web page longer. Interlinking lets you guide your audience to any additional pages or topics that may be relevant to them based on their searches.

You can use internal links to guide your audience to informative pages that can expand their knowledge on specific areas of concern. With internal links that keep your audience engaged, you’ll be shocked at the extent of traffic you’ll attract over time. Internal links are an incredible way to convert leads.

Ensure That You Tag Images

Images are critical in your SEO strategy. However, you must be careful to ensure that you tag your images and ensure they are readable. Most search engines can’t understand pictures uploaded without any description.

When you use Alt tags, you not only help improve your ranking but also help your users decipher what the images depict with ease.

As you add more images to your page, you’ll realize that there are many instances where such photos take longer to load. In such cases, you’ll rely on the tags to help you reach your target audience.

Don’t Forget Meta-Description

Most modern marketers have moved away from the use of Meta keywords. However, Meta descriptions are still as relevant as ever when it comes to SEO.

A typical online user will look for two critical things when opening a webpage. The headlines and the Meta descriptions. If you use your Meta descriptions to your advantage, this can be a genuine CTA booster for your website.

With These SEO Principles, Your Expansion Online Is Guaranteed

SEO is by far the most critical strategy in your endeavor to expand your online business. Your focus should be to enhance visibility and user experience. With these seven SEO principles, you’ll be on a path towards higher traffic and lead conversion.

Are you keen to see your business get off the blocks in your shift to the modern click and mortar business model? Then SEO should be at the center of your digital marketing strategy.

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