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7 Ways Fun Promotional Products Can Help Your StartUp Make its Mark

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Fun promotional products are essential marketing tools for any business. But they’re incredibly effective for startup businesses.

They put your small business on the map, introduce your brand to the world, and open lines of communication to prospective customers. To put it simply, promotional products help your startup make its mark.

Many companies send freebies with their brand logo on them to prospective customers. Some of these gifts include valuable items such as pens and calendars. But when your giveaways are fun promotional products, customers remember your brand.

For example, Stacy’s Pita Chips sent everyone they could find named Stacy a box filled with bags of chips in the assorted chip varieties they sold. A year later, everyone seemed to be buying Stacy’s Pita chips. They’re now available in almost every major grocery store. That fun campaign is just one example.

When brands need to grow their customer reach and set up startup companies in the US, Thailand, the UK, or some other country, they get creative with fun promotional merchandise so consumers quickly love their brand.

Here are seven ways your brand can stand out with fun promotional items.

1. Customers Recognize Your Brand Immediately

The best way to help customers recognize your brand is for them to remember your logo. Very few people don’t know McDonald’s golden arches.

Your logo on your promotional products will help recipients recognize your brand whenever they look at your giveaway.

For example, customers will see the fun coffee mug you sent every morning and other times during the day when they need caffeine. That’s how your promotional gift helps customers recognize your brand.

When you send a fun promotional product with a creative strategy, your brand will become even more memorable in the minds of your target audience.

Your gift can stay in a person’s home or office for a long time, increasing your brand’s recognition of you when shopping for the item you offer.

2. Fun Promotional Items Lower Marketing and Advertising Costs

Fun promotional products are a cost-effective way to market your products and services. A startup that funds itself may need to find ways to cut its advertising costs.

So, they need a low-cost marketing strategy that attracts attention and effectively produces qualified sales leads.

Veteran sales teams know the value of fun promotional products. They’ve been using them for years because they work.

3. Make A Better Introduction Than With A Business Card

Business cards introduce potential customers to your company. But the problem is that most business cards look the same as the next one.

The standard size produced is 3.5 by 2 inches. Some are single-sided. Others double-sided. Occasionally, you’ll see square one or one that contains vertical print. But they basically don’t leave a significant impression on the client.

Like business cards, fun promotional items also introduce your brand and its products and services to potential customers. And they are more than a placeholder for a client’s Rolodex or wallet.

They display your business logo, contact information, and brand personality. And they’re often helpful items. In this way, your fun promotional products serve as a business card they can use daily.

4. Promotional Product Advertising Drives Consumer Loyalty

Marketing teams spend additional revenue to increase customer loyalty. They’ve already acquired customers, and they make efforts to keep them.

They also put more revenue into advertising efforts to upsell and cross-sell customers’ products and services related to items they’ve already purchased.

When a business sends a high-quality promotional product to an existing customer, it increases customer loyalty.

Customers do associate your promotional products with your brand. So make sure you send them a promotional product that reflects the high standards of your company

5. Giveaways Help Consumers Remember Your Company

Marketing Sherpa reported that 76.1% of participants in a study said they recalled a company’s name that sent them a promotional product in the past year.

Interestingly, the same study concluded that just 53.5% of these participants could recall the name of a brand they read about in a newspaper or magazine in the last week.

When your company sends people freebies, they’ll remember you. When you send a fun and helpful giveaway, it ups your chances of customers placing your startup even more.

6. They Act As Door Openers That Break The Ice

Fun promotional products present an effective way to break the ice with a prospective customer. They’ll be more open to learning more about your company after you’ve taken the time and spent the money sending them a gift.

Especially if it’s valuable to their daily life. In fact, they become so open that 52% of people end up doing business after receiving a promotional item, according to a research study. That’s a pretty decisive outcome!

7. They Provide Better Exposure Than TV Advertising

While some may disagree, TV and billboard advertising doesn’t warrant longevity in a customer’s mind like a fun promotional product will. I’ll tell you why.

A billboard or a television commercial typically costs thousands of dollars. Yes, it can reach many people.

People might think the advertisement displayed a clever slogan, a cute baby, or a creative idea. But do they remember the name of the brand?

In fact, sometimes, the viewer will remember the slogan and forget the brand’s name. In contrast, a fun product giveaway sent to a customer’s home is more personal.

They’ll likely wear the T-shirt you sent them. Their friends and family will see it, which can also increase your brand’s exposure.

That’s why valuable giveaways provide an optimal way of increasing business exposure and widening audience reach. Are you ready to shop now for your company’s fun promotional products?

Types of Fun Promotional Products

Choose promotional products that work well with your brand. Some of the popular items include the following:

  • Customized Apparel – T-shirts, hats, and other wearables with the company logo or a fun slogan are classic choices.
  • Branded Tech Gadgets – USB drives, portable chargers, and other tech gadgets with the company logo- are practical and popular.
  • Reusable Water Bottles – Environmentally friendly and practical, water bottles with the company logo are widely used.
  • Customized Notebooks and Pens – Practical for professional and personal use, these items often feature the company’s branding.
  • Stress Relievers and Toys – Stress balls, fidget spinners, and other playful items can be a hit, especially in high-stress industries.
  • Customized Bags – Tote bags, backpacks, or laptop bags with the company logo are helpful and provide ample space for branding.
  • Gourmet Treats – Branded snacks, chocolates, or other gourmet treats can leave a positive impression.
  • Customized Drinkware – Mugs, travel cups, and glassware with the company logo are commonly used promotional items.
  • Outdoor and Leisure Items – Items like beach towels, umbrellas, or picnic blankets can be great for outdoor events.
  • Unique Desk Accessories – Quirky or fun desk accessories, such as stress-relieving desktop games or unique office supplies, can be memorable.
  • Tech Accessories – Pop sockets, phone stands, and other tech accessories with the company logo are popular among tech-savvy audiences.
  • Customized Calendars and Planners – Useful for keeping organized, these items can provide year-round exposure.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark or LED Products – Fun and attention-grabbing items like glow sticks, LED keychains, or light-up accessories can be memorable.
  • Sunglasses – Branded sunglasses are practical and offer a stylish and fun way to showcase a logo.
  • Customized Games and Toys – Playing cards, puzzles, and other games with the company branding can be entertaining and engaging.

If you’re wondering how to get the best deal on these giveaways, we recommend you start with a small sample and test how your audience responds. Then, when it comes to purchasing a lot, think about quality first to ensure your giveaways are durable and functional.

The Final Giveaway On Fun Promotional Items

Fun promotional items can drive business like no other advertising vehicle. They form personal connections between your brand and potential customers, build customer loyalty, and widen the reach of your audience.

Check out more essential marketing tips and learn how to grow your business today.