5 Ways Startups Can Compete With Big Brands on SEO Results

SEOSearch Engine Optimization, often referred to as just “SEO”, is actually a big deal. We want our websites to be featured on search engine results so that more people come and visit our sites. That being said, there are a lot of things that you need to think about to make sure that your SEO is going to benefit you instead of stressing you out. Here is a quick look at how startup businesses can be as effective as the big boys when it comes to SEO.

1. Utilize Anchor Text Effectively

The most effective anchor text links to reliable websites in order to make sure that the “spiders” that look at your website from search engines actually see what is going on and consider your website to be a reliable one. SEOJet shares the best anchor text for SEO so that you can figure out how to work ahead with everything that you need to try and accomplish.

2. Consider Using Social Media As Part of your Plan

Social media websites are always a huge help when you’re trying to make sure that you get SEO that works. If you have at least one social media website, and you’re confirmed by that social media provider (Facebook, Twitter), then you are a lot more likely to show up when people search for the items that are like your business. And that also allows for you to have a little bit more interaction with your audience as well.

3. Utilize Local Results to Get the Best Results

You know that you want to get people in your local area, especially if you’re running any sort of small business. So, instead of getting frustrated and trying to fight with the big brands, make sure that you focus your SEO a little bit more. Take the time to see what’s out there and to make sense of how you could boost your results so that your local audience sees your store before they see anything else that they may be trying to get their hands on.

4. Always Focus On Your Users

The user, whether it’s a consumer, client, or other potential visitor to your website, is always the person that you want to focus your efforts on. Make sure that your website is easy to read and that you’re going to be able to get pretty much anything that you want to get it in your favor. It will be beneficial to your users and to your overall SEO needs in the long run as well.

5. Be Natural

One mistake a lot of people make is that they assume that they just have to fill up their articles with keywords and such so that they get clicks. That’s not how it works at all – it’s actually better for you to write things naturally and without a lot of mess or fuss. Taking the time to produce high quality content is a big part of what you’re doing, so take the time to do it and your SEO will come naturally.

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