How to Get More Email Opens and Clicks Using Behavioral Targeting?

emailWhile it is very important for a company to know something about their customers, especially when they are sending out marketing emails, it is even more useful to know how a customer is going to behave. It is possible to have a good idea about what might interest a person, based on where they live, their age, sex and other demographic information, a person’s behavior is going to tell you a whole lot more about what is going to interest them. For this reason, companies need to think very carefully about how behavioral targeting could help ensure the success of their email marketing campaigns.

Using Behavioral Targeting Effectively

You may find it surprising, but statistics show that only 20 percent of marketers currently use behavioral triggers as part of their email marketing campaigns. Not only does this mean that the method is currently underused, but it means that you may have an opening to take advantage of in the near future.

By working with a digital marketing agency, your company could craft email marketing campaigns based on behavioral targeting. But how much do we know about this method? And how does it work? We can assess some examples of behavioral targeting right now.

There are many triggers a company can use in order to assess the behaviors of their customer base. For instance, you may want to look at how long it takes for someone to respond to an email, or the types of emails they are more likely to open immediately.

Assessing their social media profiles can also help, by seeing if they ever mentioned your company, or another company, on their profile. Did the customer come to your site through a social network, or through a search engine? Did they ever retweet or share one of your social media posts?

Marketers Find Success with Behavioral Targeting

Now before you think that behavioral targeting is an unproven method, it is important to note that the method is already generating a ton of success for those companies that are putting it into operation. Statistics show that by using behavioral targeting in these emails, open rates increased by as much as 50 percent. And the big news is that conversion rates went up by a massive 350 percent! It is up to your company to figure out the best method to track these behaviors, and to figure out how they will get incorporated into an email marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using a Smart Database

The best way for a company to get a head start on this process is to develop a smart database, which includes smart lists. For instance, a smart database should include all the potential and current customers of the company, and it should incorporate smart lists such as demographic information, email history, website information, campaign history and email history. In addition, information about the customer’s specific interactions with your company is also helpful. For instance, when did they last make a purchase, how many purchases have they made, and how much money have they spent on those purchases. All of this information can help companies create a proper email marketing campaign.

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