3 Tips to Grow Your E-Commerce Website’s Organic Traffic

MoneyAs an entrepreneur running an e-commerce business, increasing the organic traffic visiting your site is one of the biggest challenges that you’ll face.

For the most part, there are methods and ways to increase the level of organic traffic visiting your e-commerce site.

But some strategies are going to be a lot better than others. And today we’d like to share the strategies that we feel work the best when it comes to increasing organic traffic.

Are you ready to learn the truth?

If so, stick with us to learn these three powerful tips right now.

1. User Product Review Support

When you build your website, one of the most important features is to give your users the ability to create their own product reviews on the site.

By having this option available, you will actually kill two birds with one stone.

The review will provide additional content for your site, and the more indexed content, the better chance you’ll have getting it ranking in Google.

The other great advantage to giving your users the ability to create reviews is the additional insight that these reviews provide consumers. Amazon.com does a great example of using user-generated reviews for all of the product listings. I bet you’ve read of few reviews on their site in the past!

A consumer can read over the reviews on the site, take a look at the pros and cons and other information listed by the reviewer, and this will help them decide if the product is right for them or not.

So, you literally get the best of both worlds.

You get unique, indexable content for the search engines that could certainly end up ranking for important keywords. Plus, you get additional real-world testimonials from actual users that will help sell the products.

It’s definitely a win-win situation, right?

2. Add Social Media Buttons the Product Pages

How many of your Facebook friends share products that they love while on the site?

If I had to guess, I’d say that at least half of them do this every day.

If you leave social media buttons off of your website on the product pages, you are making it that much harder for people to share information about your products on their favorite social media channels.

Do not make this mistake any longer. You are costing yourself additional traffic and sales.

“When you add social media buttons to your product pages, you’ll see an immediate increase in shares. And you’ll also notice an immediate increase in traffic visiting those pages” state David Fairley, an online website broker with more than 10 years of experience marketing online.

It won’t take long for sales and conversions to rise as well.

3. Build Backlinks to Your E-Commerce Product Pages

While it’s certainly a good idea to build backlinks to your homepage to strengthen the authority of your domain, it’s also a great idea to build links to category pages and individual product pages.


Well, backlinks are a popularity signal to the search engines. The more links pointing back to a particular page, the more popular it seems in the eyes of the Google algorithm.

So, if you have lots of links pointing to your product and category pages, they are going to start ranking in the search engines. And greater rankings mean more eyeballs on your pages.


Please use these three tips to grow your organic e-commerce website traffic sooner rather than later.

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