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Content Marketing For A Great ROI

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You should never underestimate the written word. Content is king, and your SEO ranking depends on it. Google, for example, recognises quality content, so this is where you want to put your personal efforts. Learning to write on topics that interest you and are relevant to your business is rewarding in many ways. Plus, there are many types of content you can use to engage with your website traffic.

Online content that improves engagement includes your website blog posts, articles, comments, and social media posts.

There are different types of content, including your standard text, images, and videos, and it doesn’t end here. Quizzes, surveys, games are content too. Content marketing is essentially the use of content to engage with your audience.

Using relevant keywords and backlinks in your content help search engines like Google understand how to rank your site.

Use a CMS like WordPress for your blog and plugins to improve website speed and useability. For example, a plugin for social media sharing buttons makes it easy for your followers to share your content with their networks on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.


When assessing ROI (return on investment) for any marketing is easy when you use online strategies as they are measurable.

Your google analytics, for example, can report on how many views your blog article received and where your website traffic is coming from.

When you and your followers share your blog posts on social media, and other people click on the post’s URL, they end up on your website, tracking your Google analytics activity records.

Statistically, 90% of consumers find helpful content, and 82% feel better about a business or company after reading customised content.

76% of B2B marketers will focus on content this year compared to the last, and 74% of companies will use social media marketing this year. Without going through any more detailed statistics, those show that most businesses and customers gravitate towards content.

So, what does this mean for your business? Well, the point of content marketing is to ensure that your product or company stands head and shoulders above the rest—the explosion of start-up companies and the fact that the whole world is now a target market.

Rather than localised areas for small businesses 20 years ago, it now means that you can use the internet to reach the farthest corners of the Earth, maximising your growth potential!

When your content can solve customer queries and highlight the benefits of your brand or product clearly and succinctly, it’s the magic formula for boosting sales.

What methods can be implemented to market content as far as it can go?

Writing and Sharing Your Content

Use the following three initiatives to increase your website traffic:

  • write blog posts and articles for your blog
  • become a guest contributor on blogs
  • create and share infographics and videos

Social Media

Social media is the critical tool in the modern world to communicate brands and products succinctly and is an easy popular way of creating a buzz.

One of the keys to content marketing is timing. For example, deciding how often to create content, share it with your audience, and whether it should be regularly removed or replaced.

The beauty of good quality online content is that, potentially, it can last for a long time. One of the tools for Search Engine Optimisation is a straightforward one: to create good content.

Regardless of how many links you build onto a web page or how many different search terms you can cram into one item of content, the quality is the overriding factor.


Use Google Analytics and your email marketing reporting to identify which content is online. What content is shared in your marketing emails is working and getting the best click rate.

Plus, you can deliver your content when your site has the highest traffic, so a new blog post gets the most elevated views.

In building up a unique picture of the kind of people who visit your site, you can create content tailored more suitably to that type of customer.

With analytics, your business can focus on customer discovery and thus build up a profile of your target market.

Summing Up

Authentic content is proving to be an incredibly effective barometer of business prowess, customer traits and trends, and the power of the individual product that the company sells.

Use analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience and create more to pull visitors to your website.

Social Media is perfect for other content types, including videos.

Finally, content marketing is not a sprint. It is a marathon! You have to keep producing, producing, making! And it must be of a high standard. Doing that will generate traffic and improve sales – what’s not to like about this digital marketing strategy? Absolutely nothing.