Why the New Google Posts Could Be a Content Marketing Game Changer

GoogleStill in its experimental stage, Google Posts is a new podium designed to increase small business brand awareness. Sounds great, right? As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase exposure, get the word out and make your company’s name known. But what is it about Google Posts and content marketing that makes it a game changer? Here’s what we know so far.

In Simple Terms…

In simple terms, Google posts allows verified organizations and representatives to post directly on Google. You’ll be able to communicate using text, videos and images and offer time sensitive information. Think of Google Posts as sort of a lightweight digital business card. It gives you the power to make fresh content available on the front page of a user’s search results. And the best part — posts will instantly appear. No more waiting for Google to index specific content. Each post will also be shareable on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter as well as other social networks.

What Makes Google Posts Special?

You’re probably wondering what makes Google Posts different from other platforms such as Google Plus. Google Plus provides small business exposure but with a somewhat scattered, haphazard end result. Broad search terms lead to even more broad search results that perhaps list a small business, but offer no inducement to click through.

“That’s where Google Posts seems to excel,” notes digital media specialist Matei Gavril of PrMediaOnline. “Your instant Google Posts content is ideal for calls-to-action and introducing new products.”

The end result? Your local business becomes the user’s destination rather than just a pass-through find. That’s exactly what every local business needs. And its what Google Plus doesn’t deliver.

New Podium – Different Content Marketing Style

Content marketing is part of every small business’s online strategy. The most effective content marketing up to now is what is called “evergreen” content. That means that the content information is long-lived and does not become outdated. Blog, how-to and general information articles are ideal types of evergreen content.

Google Posts takes the opposite approach. Are you having a flash sale? Create a Google Post. Introducing a new feature for selective clients? Create a Google Post. Google Posts are meant to be real-time events that show up instantly and are shared at once whenever someone searches for your company.

By Any Other Name…

We’ve talked a lot about Google Posts but it turns out Google Posts may not be called Google Posts at all. Other names tossed around include “Google Podium” and “Local Business Cards.” Whatever name the new platform ends up with, it could become one of the most effective tools in your content marketing arsenal.

Possibilities and Uncertainties

Google Posts has been in the experimental stages for months. U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been using it since March.

However, “the homepage for Posts on Google definitely implies a wider implementation of the platform,” writes Rebecca Sentance in a Search Engine Watch article earlier this year. “Based on what we’ve seen of Posts so far, Google’s new feature seems like a halfway house between a new social media outlet and a publishing platform.”

A limited number of small businesses have been using it as well. In August, Google expanded their “direct to search” beta tool to include more small businesses. If you’re interested in trying Google Posts out, you can join the Waitlist.

At this point, there’s a lot of conjecture about Google’s latest. Could real-time content become a monetized feature at some point similar to Facebook Boost? Will Google Posts replace Google Plus? Could it be the tool that finally gives local businesses a way to become the user’s final destination rather than a way to get somewhere else? Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

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