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10 Tips To Strengthen Your Content Writing Strategy

Creating content for your website is a multi tasking job. It involves many phases for its formation like researching target audience, brainstorming favorable topics accordingly, compiling and collaborating the content, too many edits and revisions, authentic data to support the data in the content etc. Each and every phase of content writing is a time consuming process which eats up your precious time considerably and even after all this you have to wait for the audiences reaction to know whether the content is working in your favor or not.

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Creating content for your website is a job that requires multi-tasking. It involves many phases in its formation like; researching target audience, brainstorming favorable topics, compiling and collaborating the content, edits and revisions, authenticate data to support the data in the content and so on etc. Each and every phase of the content writing process is time-consuming, and even after all this effort you have to wait for the website audience’s reaction to know whether the content is working. Then there’s the marketing side of it too; developing the campaign, promotion and distribution which may be all in vain if there’s little reaction from your website audience.

There are tips and tricks which can not only improve your content writing strategy but also save a considerable amount of your time in the process. Let us see what they are:

1. Well organized research:

This is the most time consuming part of content writing. Content is created with the intended audience and readers in mind. This thought can make you go round and round on the World Wide Web searching for suitable topics. Look for what are the trending topics in your niche as well as how the competition is dealing with those topics. This will give you an idea on the topic you want to choose and also on how you want it to develop.

2. Compiling data for the topic well in advance:

Instead of thinking of a topic on the day of writing the content it is always advisable to plan in advance about the topic you want to write about. This will give you time to research the best topics in your niche and give you a rough idea on the contents you want to include in the topic.

3. Quality is better than quantity:

It is true that quality content plays a part in increasing traffic to your website. Choose quality instead of quantity every time and look forward to writing more not less per article. Content which is well researched, comprehensive and a joy to read has a positive impact on its readers.

4. Follow a schedule for compiling content:

As with everything else in our day to day lives, content creation requires your undivided attention and you’ll need to schedule time for doing it otherwise it won’t happen and your deadline for submitting the content will pass. Also in haste to meet your deadline the content generated around other tasks may not be up to the mark and require extra edits and revision. Save time and schedule an appropriate time-slot during your busy day, to develop content that requires little revision and edits.

5. Goal setting:

Set goals and milestones for every step of the content writing process so you know what you want to accomplish during an allocated time-slot. It is better to over-prepare with the goals and milestones per session so you can stay focussed and achieve what you set out to do each session.

6. Remove distractions:

Distractions are hazardous. Use the following methods to get rid of them:

  • Turn off your phone, or mute your notifications.
  • Peeking into the social media platforms is a big no-no. They are the biggest culprits robbing you of your quality time.
  • Inform your colleagues, family and friends to avoid contacting you during your writing schedule.

7. Try working backwards if you’re experiencing a mental block:

There is no writer anywhere who doesn’t get a mental block every now and then. New ideas and inspirations don’t always come easily so try working backwards, go back to the beginning and refresh yourself on what you’re writing about. Starting over can make a huge difference to improving the speed of new ideas and how you articulate your content.

8. Engage an editor to proofread your content:

Proof reading your content is necessary and requires a different set of eyes i.e. not yours. Engage a proof-reader who enjoys reading and is very good with English or the language the content is written in. The person will not only find spelling and grammatical errors but also polish your content and show you what to avoid in the future. This saves time going forward with less proof-reading required on future content writing projects.

9. Always use a trusted distribution process:

Content marketers when have a content ready, they are not sure where to upload or post the content to gain maximum visibility. This process takes some time and calculations but once you are sure about your distribution process stick to it to avoid wasting your time to look for a favorable distribution process every time.

10. Add value to your content:

There is a lot of competition in the content writing business with lots of similar content to choose from. The key to making your content engaging as opposed to being similar to other content is to research into the value-added benefits and present them for your audience . You must know and understand what similar content is lacking and how can you go about the topic in a more rewarding way then fulfilling it. This will keep you a step ahead of the competitors and increase the engagement level of your audiences.

Just remember, there is a high level of competition out there. If you cannot provide content with an extra value compared to your competition faster than they can then it might be difficult to stay in the business of content writing.