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5 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs White Label SEO

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1.    Using a White Label SEO Is Faster Than Building an SEO Team!

As part of a digital marketing agency, you should know that SEO is a very complex method of marketing. The time needed for a person to become an SEO expert is very long in comparison with other marketing methods. For this reason, there are much more experts in other online marketing fields than in SEO.

This also means that the time needed to build an SEO team composed of experts will be much harder and it will require much more time to find a team. Of course, if you want an average team, then you can build it much faster because low and medium level SEO professionals are much easier to find. But, the results you will be able to bring to your clients with such a team will be affected.

On the other hand, the time needed to find an SEO agency that is composed of experts is much faster even if you include the time needed to set up the terms of collaboration. This means that you can set up a white label SEO service much faster than building your own team. By doing this you will be able to get more clients, much faster, and easier to manage them. It is obvious that through this method you will obtain many more benefits than its alternative.

2.    Larger Profit!

Another reason that should convince you to choose the white label SEO method is the amount of profit that you will obtain.

At first, it may seem contradictory that you will obtain more profit if you resell a service than if you provide it yourself, but if you create the right circumstances, then it is indeed possible. Below you will find two factors that will greatly influence your profit:


The first thing that falls in this category is the tools needed for SEO. Although you can try and make everything without them, the effort needed will surpass the costs of these tools very fast. Nowadays any SEO expert needs tools, and you will have to provide them to your team. For an SEO agency, the cost can be mitigated much easier because of the large number of clients that they have.

For you, on the other hand, it will be much harder to reach that number of clients in the SEO field while also offering other digital marketing services.

Another important component included in the costs of an SEO team is the salaries. If the economy in your country is strong then the salaries that you will have to pay are much higher than those that an SEO agency located in a country with a weaker economy. Because of these two factors, it is possible that the amount you will pay for SEO services will be much lower than the amount it would cost you to create and maintain an SEO team.


As mentioned above the time that you will need for your own team will be extremely long. You can check the complexity of the task here.

While the time needed to form a collaboration with an SEO agency would be much shorter than that. This difference will not only be able to find clients that will increase your profits, but you will also be able to market your SEO service faster, which, in time, will create a compound effect.

This compound effect will make the ROI of white label SEO  much higher than what you will get from building an SEO department in your company. You should also remember that an SEO agency will have much more experience and expertise than the team that you would from. This will also ensure that the results they will bring will also have a very high quality. You can also use this factor to rightfully ask for a higher price, which will increase your profits even more.

3.    Focus on Finding More Clients!

By implementing white label SEO you will have a lot of resources left which you can use to scale your company, including the search for new clients.  You should understand that some of your potential clients did not want to work together with you because they needed more services. But after you introduce SEO together with the rest of the services that your company offers there will certainly be some potential clients that will want to benefit and so they will collaborate with you.

You should also understand the importance of introducing a new service. Because it will always increase the target market that you have now. That means many more potential clients for you.

Also, you should not forget about your actual clients. There are, probably, many of them that will decide to use your SEO services as well.

4.    Happier Clients!

This benefit depends mostly on the relationship that you have with your clients and the quality of the services that you provide. If you always keep a close relationship then the part of your clients that already use SEO services from your competition may decide to change that, and acquire your SEO services. Also if you brought them good results in the past then they will be even more motivated to do so.

But you should understand that this change will be slow because their trust in your ability to produce results will not appear overnight. You must firstly prove your ability. There are two ways through which you can speed up the process:

Good results. This depends very much on the ability of the SEO agency that you will choose to cooperate with. This is why you should invest some time and make sure that you find experts. Also, you can test their ability through using their service yourself for a month or two. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that the quality of the white label service that you will offer will be high and it will produce the results necessary to make your potential customers have enough trust in your agency and let you take care of their SEO needs.

Guarantee. The fastest way to increase the trust of your potential customers is actually a guarantee. This will show to your clients that you trust your ability to produce results. Also, this will reduce the risk to which they will expose themselves while using a new service that was just introduced.

The best way through which you can do this is by finding an SEO agency that offers a money-back guarantee and uses the same guarantee as it. This will make it easier for you to introduce it and also for your potential clients to trust your ability to produce results. Especially in the beginning, when you had just introduced the SEO service.

5.    Benefits of a Full Package!

This is the most important benefit on this list and the one that is very often underestimated. If you have the services required to take care of all the online marketing needs of a company, then together with the white label SEO service that you will introduce you will be able to offer full packet services to your client.

If you are not yet convinced about the benefits that using a white label partner can bring you, then you can read more about this here, they point out two important aspects such as “What Do You Gain from White Label SEO” and “How to Choose a Reliable SEO Agency”.

By having the ability to take care of all the marketing for your clients, then you will not only provide them with the services themselves, but you will also make their life much easier by reducing the amount of work they needed to do for marketing to 0. In this way, they will be able to focus more on the core of their business without needing to worry about marketing their products and services.

Unfortunately, there are not many digital agencies that understand how important is the ability to offer a full package to their clients. They do not understand that this is the best method to make a client happy. Do all the work in his place and he will pay you with a smile on his face.

Indeed there is the possibility for a company to acquire its marketing services from different companies at the same time. Although this may also seem like a viable solution, in reality it is much more complicated for a company to do so. Why? Simply because they will need to always be the middleman between all the agencies. this in itself will require the company to use extra resources to make sure that the collaboration will be a success.

On the other hand, by acquiring their services from a single company they will not only get the ring of a headache but also the resources used as a middle man can be refocused in the business.

By understanding the importance of a full package you can actually increase the price because there are many who will agree to pay you more instead of dealing with the problems that appear while working with multiple agencies at the same time.

Although there are some problems that may appear in your collaboration, which you can find here, they can be avoided with a little preparation.