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How to Create Effective Trade Show Displays

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How do marketers create unique trade show displays? They do it with planning and expert execution.

If you are a marketing professional keen to step up to trade show campaigns, then the tips in this article are for you. Before we get to the tips, let’s commence with how to get off on the right path with planning.

It’s always a good time to prepare for significant events like tradeshows. In much the same way as all your existing marketing strategies, the starting point for any new marketing campaign is planning with SMART goals.

Using the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based methodology, your goals have been put through a stringent process to test their viability.

Now, you can gain a deep and thorough appreciation of current and upcoming brand and product marketing to plan a unique design idea for a trade show campaign.

Unique Design

Whether you are a consumer brand or a B2B enterprise, the starting point is to know your USPs and work them into the design. A unique selling point is what makes your product or selling different from a similar offering from a competitor.

To identify your USPs, you need to know what you’re selling and to whom, i.e., your clients? What are your competitors doing with their products and services, and how does your business compare with them? These questions will give you a list of your USPs, and with them, you can design a booth display for your trade show that portrays your unique selling proposition.

Invoke Intrigue and Curiosity

We’re in the era where the one who shouts the loudest is heard, so make sure your brand invokes a sense of intrigue and curiosity in your intended audience.

First and foremost, your display is about the customer and grabs their attention. Mention their needs and how your business can solve them. It’s all about attention-grabbing to attract visitors to your display. Once you have them, then it’s time for the salespeople to step up and offer more about the offering.

Follow Brand and Trademark Guidelines

Consistency is paramount in all visual collateral, so use the COFS trademark and style guidelines, including for nts, colors, and textures, for banners and brochures, and for the attire of your tradeshow booth staff. Putting your brand logo on caps, T-shirts, pens, and bags is perfect for gaining a broader reach with attendees who are likely to continue using them long after the event.

Digital Displays

Use digital displays and videos to attract and inform visitors about your offerings. An excellent way to augment customer engagement is to have technology enablement points across your trade show rental display so that you can showcase PowerPoint presentations, images, and videos to demonstrate products in use and customer success stories.

Case studies always positively impact visitors, especially in the B2B segment. Leverage the space within your booth to maximize your brand storytelling through product demonstrations and customer reviews. Share your booth live on social media so your followers can see your success.

Use QR Codes to Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Yet another interesting, engaging, and fast way to facilitate visitors at the trade show to access your knowledge resources and know your domain expertise is to enable digital knowledge transfer.

Use QR codes on the walls of the trade show displays and furniture so that visitors can scan them to access essential knowledge resources if they want to know more.

You can also redirect them to your website from the QR code so that you can integrate the trade show traffic with your web traffic.

Use Data Points in the Content to Demonstrate Solutions

A straightforward and effective tool for design professionals these days is a symbolic system. An extended system can be anything small, like an icon or a process flow chart diagram.

Leverage the space on the walls of your trade show booth to say it with icons and data points. This way, you can keep the content light and let visitors get the gist of your business offerings at a glance.

Engage with your trade show rental displays builder to understand how you can say it with data points to build trust with visitors at a trade show.

Customize the Lighting as Per the Schedule

How do visitors come to know from a distance that a dedicated session or activity is going on inside your trade show booth? Further, how do visitors at your trade show rental booth get a great experience?

One way is to customize the lighting inside your booth as per the dedicated session. Suppose you can prepare a schedule of events like an hourly quiz or a pre-lunch short talk by an expert. In that case, you can explore putting on a different shade or intensity of the lighting inside to create an ambiance that suitably supports the session for your brand and the visitors.

Deploy Interactive Touch Screens to Collect Visitor Feedback

An initiative to collect visitor feedback is integral to an excellent visitor experience at a trade show. Deploy touch screens inside your trade show rental booth to ask visitors if they found what they were searching for?

Your business needs to know if the display worked and how it can be improved the next time.

Social Media

Social media is also an excellent channel for driving attendance, as no one wants to miss out on a good show. This brings us to how you can also use technology for interactive marketing, like quizzes.

Your display can have a quick quiz, and all successful entries from your foot traffic attendees could go into a prize draw. This is a great way to capture customer data to send out marketing emails or mobile marketing.

Another fun initiative is setting up a photography corner inside your trade show booth. Train your staff to conclude every visitor engagement activity with a photography session and share the location and event with relevant hashtags. Tag the visitor to personalize the experience.