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Blogger Tip: Focus On Quality Content Always

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The quality of the content on your blog matters more than you think. There is a train of thought among some bloggers that the quantity of new content is more relevant than the quality.

Plus, with a monetary attraction to sign onto outreach programs as a blogger and get paid for publishing articles, there is an acceptance that you’re no longer in control of what ends up on your blog. Wrong. You need to remember that it’s your blog and therefore your rules.

Operating with blind faith in the quality of the articles and publishing everything that comes your way from content contributors will see your blog quickly lose its attraction to visitors, search engines and then the outreach agencies.

What you’ve got to remember is as a blogger, you’re a commodity, i.e. one of thousands of sites willing to work with content contributors and publish content.

There’s no doubt how flattering it is to receive requests to publish articles on your blog for a fee; however, stop considering what you want to achieve from your blog. Do you want your blog here today, gone tomorrow?

Is The Short Term Gain Worth It?

When you focus on the short-term gain of getting paid to publish articles without a second thought to future-proofing your blog’s reputation, you’ve fundamentally lost control of your site.

Your blog may be popular with the search engines, have a good DA, and visitor numbers are growing, and you may be wondering ‘what could possibly go wrong?

Everything Can Go Wrong Very Quickly

Well, everything can go wrong for you and your blog very quickly. From the dizzying heights of popularity, your blog’s reputation can take a nosedive, and it won’t be long before it drops off the radar altogether.

Your interested parties, i.e., outreach content contributors, will no longer contact you, and visitors will no longer visit your blog – so how can you detect this turn for the worst?

Warning Signs

First off, look at your website analytics, and you will see the visit bounce rate climb as visitors spend less time on your site.

Quality content can keep a visitor hooked and stay on your site to read the article and similar articles.

Poor quality content will turn away visitors as they realise after reading a sentence or two that the content is rubbish and irrelevant to them; it is spammy and offers zero value.

Bounce Rate

With a higher bounce rate and less visitor activity, next warning something is going horribly wrong with your blog is you’ll see your DA drop.

Domain Authority

You will need quality content and backlinks to keep your domain authority up. High DA sites linking to your site gives it authority, but they will only link to your site when it makes sense to do so i.e. your content is a good source supporting their site’s content.

The warning signs are there, but until you’ve experienced this turn for the worst firsthand, it’s easier to ignore it and be thankful the revenue is still coming in.

Ignorance is not Bliss

However, ignorance is not bliss, and the short-term gain of revenue soon ends, so you need to decide what you want to do with your blog. Do you just let your blog continue declining steadily into irrelevancy, or drag it back from the brink of collapse?

Remember you’ve worked hard to get it to the level of reputation that attracted the visitors, and again a good DA that alerted the content contributors, so do want to save your blog? Yes, and here are a few tips to turning your blog’s fortunes around so it’s relevant for the long term.

How To Stay Relevant

First and foremost, take back the control of your blog, and be more discerning on the type of content you will allow on it.

Focus on Quality Content

There is no doubt there will be some pain initially as you let go of many contributors who insist on presenting poor quality content but focus on your long term goal so you can accept what will happen in the short term.

Your focus from this day onward is on blogging the right way to stay relevant with your intended visitor audience.

Make sure you are contributing regularly to your blog. While accepting guest articles is good for volume, no one believes in your blog more than you do so get writing and your content can be on sharing your experiences with your blog visitors.

Review Process

Create a system that is robust in educating and reviewing content submissions. Set new guidelines and be disciplined, i.e. don’t bend the rules for your favourite contributors. Stay true to your long-term goals for your blog and the reputation you want it to obtain and keep.


Work on staying relevant with marketing initiatives like SoLoMo. When your blog content is high-quality, you can be proud to share it with on your social media profiles, and your followers will also share it. Grow your email marketing list and share your favourite articles in a monthly newsletter.


On your blog, quality content will always matter more than quantity. Make sure you’re as discerning about the images as you are about the words. Images will attract the most attention, especially in social media.

Once you’ve got the quality of content back on your blog, you can accept more blog contributions and the rewards and opportunities that come with it.