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How Blogging Boosts Your Business

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Marketing has always been about content, and now most business websites focus on creating more of it. You’ve probably heard of push and pull marketing, the latter is what this article covers. Push marketing is offline and is focused on sales advertising e.g. displays in stores or on billboards, adverts in print whereas pull marketing entices visitors to come to you i.e. your website, from many different channels including social media, and email marketing.

Pull marketing needs a lot of content and it’s given rise to the blog. Starting a blog is now easier than ever before, and you would be surprised at how much of a difference it could make to your company. There are external providers who will set up and manage your blog. There are content writers also at the ready to craft unique articles and blog posts that meet the requirements for Search and SEO.

If you have yet to embrace blogging, now is the time to do it as this type of content can boost your business website visits and sales. Here are a few tips to get started as a blogger.

Improve Website SEO

When creating your own blog posts, your focus will be to get the word out about your products and services. Blogging is not just for promoting your products but you can definitely include them too. Make sure the content is informational and relevant to your site’s niche.

If you use the right titles and descriptions for each blog post, then you will soon see how this approach can improve your Google ranking via search results based on keywords. If you want to boost your SEO power even more then you might want to link to other blogs within your content and it’s very easy to do and bloggers seeing your activities are likely to reciprocate and link back to your website.

Industry Expertise

Showcasing the functionality of your offerings, with case studies will show your industry expertise and boost your reputation with your blog visitors. As a trusted advisor with your products or industry experts will work in your favour as your blog visitors will share your blog posts with their social media followers so it’s a great way to work on your Internet presence. In time you’ll want to see how far to can use your content to take the marketing to that next level.

Engaging in digital pr and link building with a specialist provider will save you time and money as their input build your online authority faster than you could with your limited knowledge and blogging activity.

Content Types

Provide a variety of content topics and use videos, images, too.  There is also interactive content that improves engagement, including surveys, games and quizzes.

When there’s no way to escape writing the content use what’s close to you i.e. introduce your products, as well as the people in your business or even the policies your business adheres to as a guiding force on best practices.

There really is no right or wrong way to blog.  Remember the internet is all about content and we all want tips and information instantaneously hence the billions of online keyword searches every day and the content can come from other sources too like your customers’ enquires.


Did you know the FAQ page is one of the most visited pages on a website? Consider a FAQ in the form of a blog, i.e. it’s a dynamic category within your blog that you add blog posts to regularly. Make sure you have a share plugin in your blog so your visitors and you can readily share the blog post to social media and email.


Content is omnipresent and for business success, it must stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer and that can be achieved with blogging and sharing channels like email and social media. Read our content marketing category for more tips.