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How To Build A Killer Social Media Presence For Your Business

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There are almost 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and people spend an average of 142 minutes daily on social media. Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but social platforms are also a communication channel between brands and consumers.

However, to truly create a killer social media presence, business owners should follow the following 6 strategies when building their online presence.

Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

A business should never start a paid marketing campaign without a strategy; the same is true regarding social media.

One of the greatest mistakes a business can make on social media is to avoid creating a marketing plan. Social media channels present a tremendous opportunity for companies to engage their audience, but only if harnessed correctly.

Business owners must define their target audience and social media marketing goals and outline a plan of action to accomplish them. After all, there is no use in mindlessly posting updates to social media without following an overarching strategy.

Get Visual

Visual content has been shown to increase a consumer’s desire to continue reading by as much as 80%. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the most effective strategies for building a social media presence as a business is to use visual content.
Infographics, videos, or professional product photos are a few visual elements businesses can incorporate into their social media posts. This doesn’t mean every post has to contain visual content, but having at least several posts a week across social media channels that include high-quality visual content can help brands engage their audience more effectively.

Post When Your Audience Is Active

Depending on a business’s target market, most users may be active at specific times on varying social media platforms. Scheduling posts or announcements for these peak times is a simple and accessible way for businesses can expand their social media reach and effectiveness.

Most social media platforms provide analytics that shows user engagement. Conducting a daily breakdown of what hours lead to the most social media interaction with followers is a great way to optimize a posting schedule.

Provide Value

While social media is a great way to touch base with consumers and improve brand recognition, providing value to a target audience is also critical.

Providing value to consumers through social media channels is an easy way to grow an online following and encourage more customer engagement. Creating informative articles or videos that inform consumers about different ways to use a product is one way to create value-driven content, but there are other options. Businesses can make the most of their social media presence by holding giveaways, offering discounts to online followers, and linking consumers to other valuable resources.

Treat Social Media Platforms Differently

Beisn’tg active on multiple social media platforms as a business isn’t a bad idea. However, approaching every social media platform with the same strategy is often a mistake.

Different social platforms have unique user bases. Additionally, certain content may perform better on one platform than others. Highly visual content may be better suited for Pinterest, whereas creating polls or interacting with consumers is incredibly easy on Twitter or Instagram.

Additionally, businesses should avoid copying their content between every social media account. Consumers should have a reason to follow a brand across multiple mediums, and creating unique, high-value content on each platform is a way to attract more followers.

Don’t Neglect Customer Service

One of the social media’s greatest strengths is, of course, the social aspect. A direct communication channel with customers is precious for businesses, provided they understand how to utilize it.

Any business page with followers will inevitably receive questions, complaints, and consumer feedback. Responding to all forms of communication promptly and respectfully is essential for growing a solid social media presence. Increase social media likes/shares/views/subscribers; it won’t be long before you see positive results. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand that keeps them informed and provides vital customer service, so don’t neglect this aspect of social media management.

Building a killer social media presence as a business may take time. However, by following these 6 steps and remembering to value the customer, it is undoubtedly possible to see results from social media marketing efforts.