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Advertising That Improves Customer Loyalty And A Better ROI

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For any brand to become successful, it has to reach out to its target audience and engage with them. Customers want to feel valued and that is where the real trick lies for brands. If brands instill this feeling within them, then they can enhance brand loyalty and have them return time and time again. While the idea is simple, it is all about using the correct advertising techniques.

Once the correct techniques have been implemented, they will generate a better Return on Investment (ROI) by up to ten times.

So, what are the best advertising techniques?

It Begins with a Personal Approach

Whether your target audience is other businesses or the general public, there is still a desire for them to know who you are. This means that one of the most advantageous ways of advertising your business is to do it face-to-face. When a customer has the opportunity to meet a business owner or representatives in person, it enables them to learn all about the business and what they can offer.

This can be achieved at shows and exhibitions where brands have the opportunity to showcase products and services, build relationships and take a personal approach to how they entice customers into purchasing from them.

Take to Social Media

Social media is a huge advertising tool that many brands are already taking advantage of because it is proven to work. Social media makes it possible for brands to advertise products and services while also having the opportunity to offer discounts and special offers. The key to customer loyalty is by giving them what they want and when that comes in the form of interaction and special offers, it will ensure that customer loyalty increases significantly.

What makes social media so unique is that it is possible to interact with customers through answering questions, encouraging comments and replying to messages. While this might not be seen as a direct form of marketing, it is a way of showing that your brand is personable and can relate to customers and their needs.

Loyalty Schemes

Giving something back to customers is the key to driving loyalty. Many of the biggest brands in the world have loyalty schemes, enabling customers to earn points and make use of discounts. When customers are spending money with a brand or business, they also want to something back in return and this is how a loyalty scheme works. If they can see that they are earning points or discounts for each purchase then they are more than likely to keep on returning and making purchases.

The truth is, loyal customers are worth around ten times the amount of their first purchase, proving that loyalty schemes do work. So, whether it is giving something back to them after their first ten purchases or offering them a small discount on their fifth purchase, it encourages them to continue purchasing. This is where the journey of customer loyalty begins.

The Power of Customer Feedback

If a brand has hundreds or thousands of satisfied customers then showcasing their feedback is a clever way of driving customer loyalty. Customers love nothing more than to follow the crowd when they are looking for a brand that is right for them. Therefore, testimonials and feedback is a great way of enhancing loyalty without having to put in the groundwork.

If thousands of customers are saying that your brand or products are amazing then other customers are going to want to experience the same thing. Once they make a purchase, they will find out for themselves exactly why so many other customers are completely satisfied. If they experience it for themselves and continue to read positive feedback then customer loyalty is going to increase.


Customer loyalty can be a difficult thing to find as a business or brand. Customers are now more switched on and aware of what is available to them more than ever before. So, any brand has to increase loyalty by reaching out to their target audience and giving them exactly what they want.