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Advertising & Marketing Strategies Still Working Well For Business

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Human experience and behavior largely influence purchasing intent, and the role of advertising and marketing is to engage consumers as much as possible.

A plethora of tactics, and marketing strategies, are used during extended campaigns, and businesses desire their marketing efforts to be multiplicative rather than being additive.

The ultimate aim is to generate more significant results in terms of captivating the target audience’s attention and convert them into customers—all of this effort that investment in various advertising and marketing initiatives that require resources.

Companies keen to get off to a great start can create a positive brand image and potentially win customers’ trust using advertising media.

The advertising and marketing types can be broadly classified into five major categories. Let us take you through some of them. Please note, they’re not listed in any particular order, and we’ve not covered all types in use today, just a handful of strategies to get you started.

Digital Advertising & Marketing:

Advertisements on the internet, smartphones, mobile devices, and media devices for e.g Kindle, echo, etc represent digital advertising. In short, any digitally promoted advertisements over other digital devices using the internet encompasses digital advertising. The benefits include:

  • Reach which is almost global and highly speedy as the internet has no geographical restrictions.
  • Changes/updates can be done rapidly for regularly published content.
  • Serves as a cost-effective and measurable means to boost online sales and brand loyalty.
  • Provides an opportunity to strategize based on real-time data and analytics.
  • Generates higher revenues due to improved conversion rates.

Digital Marketing is not the same, it uses different strategies and is more about the ongoing campaign for the brand. One that creates perception with the aim of being first in the minds of consumers. Writing unique blog content and sharing it with your social media followers and email lists are one example of digital marketing.

Broadcasting Advertising:

It is no brainer to understand that broadcasting advertising includes all those television commercials and radio shows. Audiovisual ads are so far the most effective advertising media due to its capability to tell a story informing about the product. One of the costliest and time-consuming ads media also presents some merits:

  • Audio Visual messages are easy to understand and even those unable to read can be reached with these kinds of advertisements.
  • Radio messages can particularly be targeted for local or national consumers and are good in terms of the ROI.
  • Customers are most attentive when it comes to audiovisual ads and have a higher recall value.
  • The ads can adapt to improve the viewing experience of selected and loyal audience.
  • People spend more time on TV, and loyal ones can tune in radio stations as per their preferences almost from anywhere.

Mural Media Advertising:

It proves to be the most economical and effective advertising option if applied creatively and placed at the right location. Fixed print or audiovisual advertise can be placed in outdoor locations like town centers, bus stops, train stations or any place frequently visited by the targeted audience. Banners, billboards, hoardings, events and sponsorship, flags, balloons, wraps or guerrilla marketing strategies are all mural media or outdoor advertising examples. Following are a few advantages:

  • Outdoor advertising is part of the ambient or environment, so the audience can’t shut it off like broadcasting ad to escape its vision.
  • It delivers high impact and returns on investment for your campaign if you invest in quality advertising content and material for, e.g. interactive billboards with 3D images.
  • Outdoor ads placed outside shopping centers or retail outlets prove to impact the path of purchase by around 70%.
  • Consistent and stable way to promote an appropriate message to a mass audience.

Brand Integration Marketing:

It essentially involves authentic storytelling interwoven with scripts and unique features crafted in line with contemporary trend and needs of the consumer as well as the brand. It is also known as product integration as it integrates the brand or product with the entertainment media to extend its reach to users and the showcasing products.

  • Enormous brand visibility guaranteed as integrated marketing is capable of highlighting a message more vibrantly.
  • Extended media coverage can keep the brand in constant spotlight.
  • Well versed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and effective search marketing can place your brand at the top of the internet search results.
  • Due to its integration with social media and entertainment, it immediately positions the brand as a leader if it is uniquely designed.

Print Advertising:

It is one of the primaeval and most prevalent advertising media with better reach and multiple provisions to personalize the appeal towards customers or prospects. It includes tangible forms like print ads, magazines, business cards, brochures, flyers and so on. They bring the following benefits:

  • Print ad in a reputed publication is capable of creating the “halo effect” into readers’ minds that allow advertisers to get the leverage credibility.
  • In the digital age, digital ads may strive for attention, but print ads are more receptive as readers may take a look at a flyer or a brochure or a notepad and contact the latter using the business card information that was shared in person.
  • Personalized and action-driven print ads with QR codes and URLs to the target website ensure the message was received and also tracks the usage of such advertising by monitoring website hits and related sales conversions.

That’s all we have for now. It is vital that out of a wide variety of advertising and marketing strategies.

Of course, we’ve only briefly covered just a few options. There are many more and one you probably use really, that being social media. Instagram is one of the most successful channels, sharing images and video leading peak engagement statistics . Maybe we’ll cover it in another article soon. If you have any ideas to promote products and services, do share your input in the comment section!