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5 Key Reasons Why Your Startup Should Have a Facebook Business Page

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Got a business or a new startup? How do over 2 billion potential customers sound? And what if you could market to them for almost zero cost?

New social media platforms are popping up all the time, but the giant that is Facebook has stuck around, boasting billions of active users. Marketing your startup on Facebook is a no-brainer and we’ve got the key reasons why.

Keep reading to find out why you should be using a Facebook business page to reach the largest audience possible.

5 Reasons You Must Have a Facebook Business Page

There are way more reasons than just the ones we’ve listed here, but honestly, you shouldn’t need any more than this. If you want your startup to succeed, these 5 reasons should speak to you.

What are you waiting for? Read on to find out how business success is just a few clicks away.

1. Exposure

The first reason is pretty obvious. People won’t use your startup if they don’t know it exists. With billions of active users, active being the key word here, you’re bound to reach potential clients.

For people to find you on the vast internet, SEO tools are a must, and a Facebook business page helps you have a presence that is easy to find.

2. Marketing Costs

Marketing isn’t just complex, it costs a lot of money. The best kind of marketing is free, but that’s rare. You will need an employee to maintain the business page, but besides that, it will cost you absolutely nothing to have a Facebook business page.

3. Data Is Everything

Knowing who is looking for you and who your clients are is a powerful advantage in a competitive market. Facebook provides you with insights to extensive data from your business page that will help you dominate.

If you’re running a microservices application then you know that data is important to ensuring that your modulation is applied correctly. Find out more about microservices if you’re not sure if this applies to you.

4. Web Traffic

Not only will having the Facebook business page create traffic to itself, but you can link to your company’s page, directing even more traffic to that.

Having a business page creates an organic jumping pad from the curious client to a client that is ready to hop on board.

5. A Mobile World

Walk down the street or through a mall. Sit in a waiting room of any office anywhere in America. Regardless of where you go, you’ll see people looking at their phones. You may even be reading this on a phone right now.

One of the biggest advantages to a Facebook business page is that it is ready for mobile without you having to do anything. Your startup can be ready to go immediately.

Build Your Business Right

The simplest way to put this is that free exposure is almost impossible to find so if you’re not taking advantage of Facebook business pages, then you’re just not set up for success.

Log on, build the page with just a few easy steps and get your startup off the ground today.