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3 Tips to Get Instagram Followers for Your Business

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With its ever growing popularity, not only as a social network but also as a vital business tool, it can be difficult to stand out, find your niche and gain real followers for Instagram.

Gone are the days of using Instagram solely as an editing app or a place to post any old photo from your camera roll. Today, yes, you can buy followers, but without the engagement to match it, you will certainly not be taken as seriously by brands, potential clients or customers.

Fake followers or bots will not engage with your content in the same way a real person will, so the goal is to target users who will genuinely resonate with the content you’re sharing.

Feeling lost in the midst of this ever-changing app? Continue reading to learn how to gain an authentic following quickly and strategically.

Find a Quality Instagram Growth Service

Gaining followers on Instagram is no easy task. The process is not only tedious, but also extremely time-consuming, and in this day and age who has that kind of time?

With the demand for a solution, Instagram growth services and Instagram marketing services, have been launching left and right. As the old saying goes “Work Smarter Not Harder”, so why not have one of these services take the grunt work out of figuring out how to get Instagram followers?

The best kind of growth services aid in organically growing your following, reaching actual users, not just making your numbers appear high. So how does one find the ideal growth service?

It may be easier to start by highlighting instant red flags when looking for an Instagram growth service. Avoid services that guarantee a certain number of followers or suggest buying a set amount of followers. These tactics will not help you retain followers long term.

A quality Instagram growth service, like Kicksta, will, as noted before, promote organic growth, which is crucial for your brand’s reputation. Additionally, it will target real people, non-ghost followers, who will engage with your page and hopefully launch your business or personal brand off the ground. Most importantly, choose a service that explains exactly how it works.

Look for services that show in-depth clients review, informative videos, and offers one on one support from their experienced representatives. Honesty and transparency are key when finding an Instagram growth service, so make sure you are getting both!

Post-High-Quality Content

When growing a business, an Instagram growth service will only take you so far.

The key to engaging audiences and creating brand loyalty is through posting high-quality content. If this aspect of Instagram marketing seems rather intimidating, don’t freak out, there are easy ways to create captivating content guaranteed to give you that influencer level aesthetic.

The goal is to stop users dead in their scrolling tracks to pause on and engage with your photo. To start, capture a photo with a clear focal point, using the classic photography rule, rule of thirds. If this phrase is completely foreign, imagine a 9-section grid over the photo and ensure the focal point is in one-third of the grid. iPhones make this easy with their built-in grid feature. While in photo shoot mode, make sure to take tons of photos! The more options, the better to ensure that Insta-worthy photo is captured.

Next, filter, filter, filter. Edit your photos, so your profile is eye-catching and cohesive. Again, the goal is to stop endless scrollers and force them to like and comment on your photo. If you’re not in the business to create your own content, don’t be afraid to post high-quality stock photos and user-generated content as well.

Once you’ve nailed the photo selection process, make sure the caption is engaging too. Whether the words are witty, informative or emotional, the goal is to resonate with the reader. Once you have mastered the perfect blend of photos and captions, your audience will have no choice but to want to follow your account.

Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Creating a hashtag strategy intensifies the Instagram marketing game. Hashtags categorize content, increase engagement, expand brand awareness and are one of the most effective tools for social media managers searching for ways on how to get Instagram followers.

Without utilizing hashtags, business miss opportunities to reach new users and gain followers.

Start by searching on the Instagram app for hashtags closely related to your desired topic. This will give you a better understanding of which hashtags that are relevant and trending.

To avoid getting lost in the sea of hashtags, stay clear of overused and generic ones. One effective way to find more specific hashtags is mimicking hashtag walls used by influencers or businesses that share your target audience. Additionally, hashtag generators can now be found online and in the app store.

There is no perfect combination of hashtags guaranteed to help you instantly gain thousands of followers and mastering hashtag strategy takes trial and error. To create your own hashtag sequence on posts, be extremely specific to narrow the pool of targeted users, particularly testing out different daily, geographical and custom niche tags.

Most notably, make sure to include one branded hashtag in every post to spread awareness about your brand or business. Hashtags are extremely powerful tools for growing an audience and boosting engagement. With solid research efforts, a plan and proper execution, you will, without a doubt, be on the path towards hashtag strategy success.

With a quality Instagram growth service, incredible content and a well thought out hashtag strategy, the potential to gain Instagram followers are infinite. The key is the intention in all areas to ensure no lack of attention in one area sabotages efforts to reach a larger audience.

Hopefully, these insider tips and tricks have inspired and challenged previous strategies and given more actionable options in the challenge of how to get Instagram followers.

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