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7 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Have an Instagram Account

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Did you know that 500 million people are using Instagram every day?

What if I could show you how you can use Instagram to gain attraction and attention to your business.

With online marketing becoming more common, Instagram is a great way to get your startup the attention it deserves.

If you are still not convinced or want to learn more, continue reading about how an Instagram account can benefit you.

Why Your Startup Needs an Instagram Account

Instagram is being used by so many companies because it allows for building a personal relationships and loyalty.

Instagram is a great way to display your products and services. It might even be the piece that your company is missing.

Let’s review why your startup can benefit from a simple app.

1. Works with Any Sized business

Instagram doesn’t care if you are a small startup company, working from home, or even if you are making millions a year.

An Instagram account is beneficial to all sizes of businesses if done the right way.

Startups may need to go the extra mile to make their presence known, but many ways to engage your following and increase support.

2. You Can Make Money Straight from Instagram

Another perk of using an Instagram account for your startup is making money directly off of your account.

Instagram has a beautiful feature that all types of companies are using.

On your page, you can make a “shop now” section for people viewing your products. This link directly takes the customer/ viewer to your business’ store or services.

3. Hashtags and Likes Increase Your Visibility

As a startup, one of the biggest struggles is getting attention from your targeted market and maintaining their interest.

Using hashtags and likes gives you the opportunity to attract attention from people who are looking at those same products online.

Still not getting enough likes and attention on your own? You can buy Instagram likes to broaden your audience and gain followers.

4. Engage with Your Customers

Posting on your Instagram account is the central part of engaging with your customers.

This allows them to view your products/ services and comment on them.

Did you know that one in five stories receives a direct message from their customers? the post is an effective way to draw in your customers.

5. Convey Stories with Your Photos

Instagram stories give you a chance to let your customers learn more about you and your company.

If done correctly, this can also be a way to build trust with your audience by being consistent.

It also allows you to build an emotional connection with the customer. When you do live videos, your customers are alerted and can easily view your videos.

6. Compare to Competitors

Having the option to view what your competitors are doing right/ wrong can give a lot of insight.

You will have the ability to see what you and your competitors don’t have and how you can improve.

Nothing wrong with keeping your friends close and your enemies closer!

7. Creativity Can Flourish

The best part of your Instagram account is that it’s yours!

You can be as creative and unique as you want to help you stand out from the competition.

Many companies use their products and create incredible displays to broadcast to their following. Having an appealing picture is a great way to gain momentum.

How Do You Do It?

Simply login to Instagram, create an account, and upload content!

Starting your Instagram isn’t hard at all, and there are plenty of resources to help you manage your account so that you can get the most out of it.

Make Your Presence Known

It simply isn’t enough to only have a storefront and website in today’s world.

Creating an Instagram account is an excellent first step to gaining attention for your business.

The benefits of Instagram will be noticed if you take the right actions. What is the first step?

Simply make your account and begin.

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