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5 Reasons Why You Need Promotional Items for Your Small Business

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Think of the last conference or trade show you went to and all the promotional items that vendors were handing out to you. This may feel a bit overwhelming as you’re walking around, but when you get a moment to look at all the free stuff you get, it’s actually pretty cool!

As a business, you need to be using this marketing tool. Having a range of promotional items for small business branding purposes is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Promotional items are fun and unique, and they offer many benefits to help you grow your business!

Here are the top five reasons to start creating your own custom business promotional items.

1. It’s Low-Cost Marketing

In comparison to things like web design and printed ads, promotional items are on the cheaper side of the scale. That means they’re easily accessible to you when you’re just starting out as a small business. Plus, you don’t need a bunch of stuff to run a good campaign with promotional giveaways.

The trick is to make sure what you do order is well-made. Check and double-check your design before sending it off to be produced, and take a moment to see if there are any better versions available of what you’re buying.

2. You’re Sure to Stand Out

No matter what promotional items for small business you end up buying, you’re sure to stand out. As a vendor, you only have a few minutes with potential partners and consumers at large events. Make these count by giving them something to remember you by.

This one little gesture has profound results. When you hand someone a company stress ball, a nice pen, or even a tote bag, the connection is much stronger than just handing them a business card.

3. Creates a Personal Approach

Speaking of making a connection, the more personal, the better. You want to make consumers feel heard and cared for, not like just another person in your sales funnel.

A great way to do this is to send them promotional items as thank-yous or congratulations for something. Promo items can be offered as free tokens during sales and product launches or as something a person earns after taking your online course. This makes them truly hit home for the person on the receiving end.

4. Offers Tons of Brand Exposure

Another benefit of promotional items for small businesses is the exposure you’re able to get! Think about it, when you hand one person in your market a promotional item, what are they going to do?

They’re going to use it. That person is going to whip out your pen at their next meeting or put on your t-shirt to go to the gym or wear your lanyard as a nametag holder at a conference.

In each situation, there are plenty of people all around them who will be noticing these things and the logo on them, your logo. Consumers may not realize it right away, but such interactions are building their brand recognition of your business little by little.

5. Long-Lasting Results

Between the added brand recognition, the increased consumer loyalty and stronger relationships made, and the little amount of money it takes to make everything happen, there’s no question that promotional items work.

Not to mention, there are so many things to choose from! You can stick with standard stationery products, fun bags, custom hats, or order embroidery patches. Either way, all the benefits of promotional items are at your disposal.

Packaging and Distributing Your Promotional Items for Small Business

Before you get all excited about your new promotional strategy, make sure you can execute it well. The right packaging and distribution are key to success when mailing things out to consumers or taking large bundles of promotional items for small business to trade shows.

To help you execute this well, check out these packaging tips!

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