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5 Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

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There are many ways to get people to remember your brand, but some are more successful than others. It depends on what type of business you have, and how much effort you are prepared to make with each one. Some owners are so busy running the business those things like getting the brand known is swept to one side, and then others come along and overtake them. If you do not want this to happen to you, read some tips from the experts on what you should be doing.

Focus On The Benefits

Consumers buy products because of the benefits they can derive from owning it. When you are promoting your products, focus on the benefits that any features create as this will make it more memorable to consumers.

Connect Emotionally

Connect to the emotions of your target audience and you are onto a winner. This does not have to be sad emotions. Humour is one of the best selling aids around and will bring people back for more. Consumers love stories too. Tell them the tale of how you started, and keep it on the lighthearted side for the best response.

Invest In Social Media

Every generation is using social media more than the one before. Even young kids now have Facebook accounts and are on Instagram. Make posts interesting to them and not just advertising blurb. Behind the scenes of the business images and videos always go down well, as do meet the staff ones. These things let the viewers see that they are dealing with real people and not just some nameless company that is too big to care.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand remembered. Key tags for promotion or mugs that are branded will get your logo seen every time they are used. Tote bags are always a welcome free gift or small fluffy toys for their little ones. T-shirts, scarves and a whole host of other things will not cost you a fortune but will constantly put your brand out there.

These sorts of things are often given out at trade events, but you do not need to wait for those to be able to offer some promotional gifts. You could have some in your reception area, for instance, or give some to a local shopkeeper to put on their counter.

You may even consider holding an open day so that people can come into your premises and meet everyone that works there, see how the business operates and get some free promotional gifts.

Be Environmentally Friendly

There are large groups of people that will now only buy from environmentally friendly businesses. Each time a group member comes across one, they tell all the other members about it. There is always something about a product or its wrappings that can be eco-friendly, and make sure you point out what is eco-friendly about yours in all your promotions.

Your brand is your business and the better your products are the more you will sell. Sometimes though what consumers find more important is the level of customer service. Provide an excellent customer service and they will return again and again.

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