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6 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Business

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Every business needs a logo, and regardless of how you design, be it with a logo generator or through a logo freelancer before you start the design process, you should have a clear vision for what you want the final design to look like and with this in mind you should consider these 6 things.

Give the logo a profound meaning

One of the most significant factors determining the success of a logo design process is its intrinsic message or meaning. It is to be noted that simply looking at the logo on a specific product or an advertisement is not adequate to make it perpetually memorable.

It should symbolically convey a deep-seated meaning rather than being just a spectacular visual representation. First, jot down the statement of your brand strategy on a piece of paper. Then, verify if the logo is amply conveying it or not. Go for a redesign if you find the purpose lacking there.

The logo should be capable of manifesting its objective backing the design. It should be a succinct optical rendition of your brand. More so, your potential customers must be able to effortlessly decipher and depict the purpose.

Give the logo a minimalistic look

One of the sure-shot success drivers in designing a distinctive logo is the deletion of all superfluous elements. Therefore, retain only those shapes, colours, shades, symbols, lines and fonts that are good enough to imply the relevant connotation. Any component that is unwanted and invading the logo space should be banished.

Detach every one of the elements that cause only confusion and clutter. There is no necessity to stuff more to the logo even if a simple, outmoded prototype is good enough. Such a minimalistic appearance will fortify an easy-going logo that people can admire instantly at a single glance.

Give the logo an initial black and white portrayal

Please remember that your company logo should look equally awe-inspiring in black and white. There will be many instances of getting your logo printed without colours like your brand advertised in a newspaper, fax messages, photocopies of documents or your stationeries bearing the sign of your company logo. In all these cases, the logo will most probably be shown in black and white.

To comprehend if the logo creates an unforgettable impression, first design it in black and white, bereft of any other colour. If the logo illustration does not appeal to you, modify it until you are delighted. When you feel that your colourless logo has a worthwhile design, you should apply colours to it. In this way, the trademark will look uniformly sensational in both coloured and colourless versions.

Give the logo a scalable characterization

An efficiently scalable logo means that it does not outstrip its meaning of proportion, and that is why every business needs a logo. In that respect, a logo has to be versatile because it can be scaled up or down as per the requirements. Therefore, when you display your logo on a huge billboard, it should, from every angle, look proportionate.

A logo, when printed on smaller, compact surfaces like business cards, pen or drinkware, and its design constituents should be clearly identifiable in a similar fashion. A technique to make sure if your logo is proportional is by utilizing design grid formats.

Give the logo a novel, out-of-the-box feel

Our memory does not fall short for things that are distinctly noticeable or stand out amongst the crowd. The same rule follows for a company logo as well. A majority of the logos that we fail to forget are the ones having idiosyncratic designs that are not found elsewhere.

It should not be a clichéd or hackneyed business emblem that we encounter many times around us. The logo should also exude an element of remembrance in our minds about the company, which it belongs, the moment we see it.

Hence, create an entity that people can appreciate. Come out with something fresh and innovative. This advice is similarly applicable to other marketing mediums, even as peripheral as an envelope design. The entire spectrum of your graphic designs should be made unique and indelible to create a positive and ever-lasting impression in customers’ minds.

Give the logo a real-world visage

Before finally deciding on your company logo, it is crucial to bid some time and endeavour to be envisioned across a multitude of platforms. Remember that the logo will have numerous appearances on both online and physical mediums, and every business needs a logo.

The initial proof of a logo may look astounding on a piece of white printer paper. But it does not mean that it will deliver an identical stunning impact when emblazoned on a hoarding in front of a building. With the help of mockups and various other tools, the logo’s versatility can be envisaged by the designers.

It needs to be ascertained whether the logo will appear as compelling on a website, t-shirt, mobile apps, packaging design as it would on a letterhead, business card or a piece of stationery. Therefore, envision the logo by taking it into several real-world applications, beyond the customary pdf horizon, before committing to it.

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