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A Poor Logo Can Ruin Your Brand


Every organization needs to invest in cultivating a strong brand image and often this occurs before the first sale. The brand identity includes the logo and if that’s not done well it can ruin your business before it’s even had a chance to succeed. In this article we share some reasons why the logo is so important to your business and what you can do to improve it. So how can a logo damage your business reputation?

Perception of a lower quality brand

Your logo is one of the most visible elements of your brand. If it is subpar, customers and other stakeholders will likely assume your company is also inferior to competitors who have a professional image. This is not just here-say, a study conducted over 10 years by The Design Council proves a strong design increases business performance and revenue too. present this and other findings in this article.

Possible copyright infringements

When people invest in a bottom tier logo design service, they don’t realize that the designer often cuts corners by using other brands’ intellectual property right as a template. You can easily see how this will not turn out well. This can obviously lead to some expensive lawsuits for trademark infringement.

Poorly conveyed brand message

Your logo isn’t just a piece of artwork that looks pretty. It is supposed to communicate the core message of your brand. If it is poorly conceived, it will create very misleading messages. In Canva’s article they also confirm web design improves consumer trust of the brand. Web design includes all design collateral including the website, landing pages, social media profiles, blog and advertising.

Difficulty with brand differentiation

Every brand needs to stand out from their competitors. This can be difficult without a memorable logo. If your logo is too similar to another organization, even if it doesn’t out right violate their intellectual property rights, you will have a very difficult time position in your brand. You will encounter the same problems if your logo is too bland or too busy. Really it’s about creating a favourable and memorable consumer experience.

Invest in a high-quality logo

Logo design is one of those services that you can’t do poorly. You need to take your time to invest in a high-quality logo that will stand out in a sea of competitors. Of course, this is much easier said than done. There are a few things that you need to get straight before developing a logo for your brand.

Use the right logo design service or tool

There are a lot of ways that you can get a logo for your brand. Unfortunately, the most affordable options are usually the lousiest. This is particularly true if you are using a micro gig platform such as Fiverr. I have seen very poor logos from designers on that site. The ones on UpWork are a little better, but not by much. If you are in need of a logo, it is a good idea to invest in something better. Probably the best logo generator around is from Designhill. The best thing about this logo development tool is that it has been used by a lot of very upscale brands, ranging from Manhattan Men’s Barber Club to Foot & Fab Footwear. Any logo generator that has been used by such reputable brands is definitely worth the investment.

Decide what emotions you want to convey

Another way you can to work out what your logo to say about your business is is analyse the sentiments you want people to feel when they think of your brand. Do you want to be known for having a fiery, passionate message? Would you rather be known for communicating messages of tranquility? The emotions that you want to inspire will determine the overall visual of the logo which maybe actually be quite plain including the colors, texture and font.

Perception is everything

In summary, perception is everything and it starts with your logo. Arguably it’s one of the foundations of your business so investing adequate time and resources to get it right is not whimsical, it’s a must!

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