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How To SEO Your Marketing Campaign

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Success today depends on your commitment to continuous learning and taking some degree of risk with trial and error campaigns. There’s a saying that’s attributed to Tony Robbins, Albert Einstein and others: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”. However, this actually isn’t true for digital marketing. What was done last year may not work now. So let’s look at what is working right now.

Relevant Content

Content Marketing is one such strategy that provides so much value when it’s done well. It brings traffic to your website and leads for your sales team, as well as increasing brand awareness and credibility. SEO experts also like to use it to improve their client’s ranking in search engines like Google and it’s the SEO aspect of content marketing we’ll focus on in this article.

Pick the Right Keywords

Some years ago, it was easy for your website to rank well with only one keyword. However, recapping what we’ve just said earlier on – if you’re still doing what you’ve always done, you won’t be getting the results you got before. Websites compete for eyeballs, and it starts with keyword searches. Search engines now use AI and regularly updated algorithms to improve search results; therefore, content must be of higher quality and relevant.

The keywords similar to your main keyword are known as LSI keywords. Simply put, ensure that the main keyword has sub-keywords on the same topic. If you write about Ferrari cars, ensure that you include related words such as ‘coupe’ ‘convertible’ ‘luxury cars’ and so on. Use keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and SEO compare to get these LSI keywords.

With blog content, it needs to be natural, and while you can work around some of the algorithms using tools, your time is better spent focusing on sharing information that attracts its intended audience. Is your content authentic and trustworthy?

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Search engines like google have switched ‘mobile first’ of ranking websites, so mobile-friendly is vital. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and if you’re redesigning your website – design for mobile-first and foremost. Design for user experience, which essentially means making sure your visitors can easily navigate your website, read the content and share it with their followers in social media and also email.

Emphasize on Link-building

Link building is one of the best strategies right now to improve your search results rank. Search engines want to see that your website has authority and that other websites have recognized it, and they do this by linking to your content within their own content on their website.

Ensure that your content also links to websites in your niche with higher authority and offer a relevant reference or source data that supports your own. The best way to build external links is by ‘guest posting’. Adam White, the founder of SEO Jet, says that when you write a guest post and link back to your website, it’s okay to mix a keyword into your anchor text. Just make sure the anchor text used fits naturally within the post’s content. Also, your guest posts and your own content link to existing supporting content is called ‘internal link building’. Search engines will determine your website’s hierarchy and content navigation.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Search engines hate duplicate content. Avoid plagiarising content from other websites. Write your own content, become a subject matter expert.

To conclude, there are so many factors to consider when ranking your website and content promotion. Your content marketing is one strategy that provides so much value when done well. It brings traffic to your website and leads for your sales team, and increases brand awareness and credibility. Doing so helps to give you a more extensive consumer base that is more loyal to you. SEO experts also like to improve their client’s ranking in search engines like Google. Your website will yield results if you follow the SEO and marketing methods learned from this article.

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