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Why Do We Need SEO?

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SEO white label

SEO is a term which means search engine optimisation. It is a form of marketing which is used to make sure that your website and content rank highly on the search results page when the search term is relevant to your business. But why do we need to do this for our business?

More users

The whole premise behind SEO is the idea of optimising your content and your website in order to make it more likely to be seen on the search results. It means that if you can rank in the first few pages you will likely receive many more visitors, and therefore have a better chance at getting more sales. It can be worth investing in resources such as an SEO training course from ClickMinded to understand this concept completely and it will help you massively with your sales.

Organic traffic is key

Organic website traffic is what happens when a person searches for a term on the search engine and in turn visits your website. It accounts for over half of all traffic to your website and therefore is incredibly important if you want to get more people coming to your website and buying your products. It is the most natural way of searching the web and will be where you get many of your loyal customers from.

Better close rates

When you optimise your content for the search engine, the search engine in turn rewards you with a better ranking on the results pages. This in turn allows you to be more visible to people who are looking for a product, and therefore more likely to get a sale from these people. It is a simple fact that people are more likely to make a sale if they are looking for a specific product. This means that when you optimise for SEO you are upping your chance of a sale because someone is looking for a product that you sell.

More loyal customers

The beauty of SEO is that it allows your business to be opened up to a huge range of people from all over the world. You will be able to gain a huge audience and you will also be likely to gain loyal ones too. As we said above, if someone searches for a specific product and ends up buying it from you, they will be able to see the quality of your products and be more likely to come back again the next time they need something. By opening yourself up you are allowing more people to support your business and products.

Mobile devices

Most people these days use their mobile devices to buy products online, so if you can spend time optimising your website for mobile, you are able to get more views and more sales. This is an important thing to do for your business because the majority of web users are now using mobile devices. If you want to have the opportunity to sell to everyone on your audience, make sure your website content is optimised for mobile.