Winning Content Promotion Strategies for Your Brand

suomyCreating regular content is an excellent way to promote your business. It improves your SEO, keeps your website updated, and gives you material for social media. But the content itself has to be promoted in turn so that you can get it the attention it needs. Search engine optimization is important, but there are other ways you should be trying to get the message out about your content. Don’t just wait for someone to search for it when you can also promote it to people you already know are interested in what you have to say. Make the most of your content promotion by using these methods.

Social Media

Social media is without doubt one of the most useful tools for promoting your content. You already have established accounts, or you’re in the process of growing them. Sharing your content will entertain your followers and help you to gain new ones. How you choose to promote your content should depend on the platform you use. Don’t promote it in the same way on Facebook or LinkedIn as on Twitter. You should also think about sharing your content multiple times. It’s a useful tactic, but you need to make sure it doesn’t happen too often. On Twitter, things move quickly, so sharing a couple of times a day is acceptable. But the same can’t be said for Facebook.

Serve in Ads

Another way to get your content out there is to have it served through ad servers. You can create a content ad with a tool like Enzymic Content Ads Management Platform. Your next step is to use an ad server such as DoubleClick to get your ad out there on your own website and on other sites too. Many major publishers host content ads, and so do smaller websites. You can work with advertisers and publishers to get your content displayed on relevant sites.

Encourage Influencers to Share

As well as sharing your own content, you want other people to share it too. More specifically, it would be great if influential people in your industry shared it. There are several ways you can get experts to share your content. One thing you can do is to feature them in the content. You can either mention them or their brand or even ask them directly for a quote. They will be keen to promote content that promotes them. You can also contact people just to ask them to share or to let them know it’s something they might be interested in. Just be careful not to spam anyone.

Make Your Content in Different Formats

If you want your content to go further, you could consider making it in different formats. If you make videos, slide shows or PDFs, you could appeal to a different audience. Don’t just stick to creating blog posts and articles or even infographics. Branch out to create other types of content so that you don’t limit yourself.

Find different ways to promote your content so you can reach as much of your audience as possible. The further you can spread your content, the more attention you can attract.

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