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Top 5 Mobile Application Sales Tips

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Today, there is a mobile app for nearly everything. The abundance of mobile apps is due to the vast user base. There are almost 7 billion smartphone users.

Our global population is 8 billion, making smartphone ownership massive and mobile app development very competitive.

If you’re a salesperson, you’ll be keen to know how top salespeople get sales, and using their strategy can also improve your sales success.

However, selling a mobile app in a market with many competitors takes an excellent product.

1. Know your product

Many salespeople fail to understand what exactly they are selling. Even though most users don’t utilize all the features of a product or service, it is still essential to have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re selling.

Invest time learning the details and aim to answer more than 80% of the possible questions customers might ask you. This will put you ahead of most other salespeople who only know about 40% of the products or services they offer.

How good is your mobile app?

Before you sell a mobile app, make sure it is an app that users want. Ensure your app is high-quality, user-friendly, bug-free, and provides a seamless experience. The user experience (UX) must be intuitive and visually pleasing. Also, remember that even the best apps will not sell well if the sales model doesn’t align with your target audience.

How do users pay for your app?

Research revenue models for mobile apps and choose the one that works best for your target audience. To work it out, use competitor apps and determine which apps have the most user-friendly revenue model.

For example, is your mobile app using a subscription service or payment per download? Or is it free to download, but the app relies on revenue from adverts? Take your time to get a suitable revenue model and test for bugs and time taken to complete the download or payment process. Speed is important.

2. Love your product

This idea is taken from the Gary Vaynerchuck “school of “Crush It.” Selling shouldn’t really feel like selling if you are doing it right. It’s not enough to just study up on your application and sound like an expert.

Customers will see right through you if you are not passionate about your product. Before you start selling something, love what you are selling. How can you expect your customer to love your application if you don’t truly love it yourself?

Tell a story – ideally, your own

Storytelling is a great way to articulate how good your mobile app is at solving real-life experiences. Use value driven and visual driven stories to engage and inspire your audience.

Visual-driven storytelling is about using visuals. Grab screenshots and take videos of you or someone else using the mobile app. Show how easy it is to get and use. Also, add in a client testimonial.

3. Be Sociable

If you sell something, you can talk with anyone and leave a lasting impression.

Don’t make your meeting with a customer all about you and your product. It’s the old David Meerman Scott line: “Nobody cares about your product…except you.” Make sure to talk to the customer about their business and their needs.  Use the conversational selling strategy to personalize your communication.

A good rule to follow is Chris Brogan’s 30-60-90 rule from his book Trust Agents: “For the first 30 seconds, they’re listening to you; after 60 seconds, they may be distracted; after 90 seconds, it’s really time to let them talk, too.”

4. Look for Problems not Opportunities

This tip is a quote from Michael Troiano’s blog “Scalable Intimacy.” The idea here is to discover how your application will help someone’s business.

What are the industry pain points, and how does your product solve them? Using this tactic, you will also be able to uncover blind spots surrounding your clients’ business they might not have been aware of.

5. Know your competitors

If you walk into a sales meeting, be prepared to answer: “Well, how is your application better or different than Company B’s?” First of all, how can you even begin to know how to answer that question if you have no clue who Company B is?

Mobile applications have a plethora of competition, so it would be unreasonable to try and memorize them all. However, you should familiarize yourself with at least the 5 most recognizable brands in your space and be ready to differentiate yourself from them.

Final Thoughts

As a salesperson, you can never know too much about your mobile app, competitors, and target audience. Use digital marketing, for example, blogging, creating videos, podcasts, and more to reach your target customers. Credibility is everything; therefore, showcase what your app can do and how customers use and love it.

Consider using app marketplaces to reach broader audiences. Examples include Flippa, Apple, Google, and Appy Pie.

Use your sales experience to focus on building customer loyalty and providing value. Use promotions to acquire customers and reward returning customers with discounts.