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How your HR team can double your bottom line quicker than your sales staff

Shield, Work, Setting, Workplace, Invitation, EnterThe bottom line of any business is the spend that it needs to make to remaining functioning as a business. The more this bottom line is controlled and the smaller these overheads, the more profit a business makes. Profit means a healthy business with plenty of cash to investment back […]

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Cold Calling Tactics Dubious

Not every household has a landline anymore. Household members have their mobile phones and they prefer their calls to go there instead of a shared phone. Homes that do still have the landline use it less, and no one in the household is rushing to pick up the phone when it rings, like their predecessors […]

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Toe-to-toe in tough Aussie market

Women and shoes – a love affair that knows no bounds. The pain we endure to look good in a pair of heels is enough to make any podiatrist cry. (Or maybe laugh and open another clinic.) According to a 2012 survey by department store Target, Australian women own on average 25 pairs of shoes.

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Grow Your Sales with a $30 Whiteboard

Need to increase sales? Afraid of missing sales goals, but not really sure how to get consistent traction on them? Last year I had this problem. Every month, or quarter, or even year, I would write down a sales goal. It would end up scribbled in a notebook, and even sometimes entered into the CRM. […]

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Getting The Most From Your Clients

I lose count of how many times I hear the saying “you get 80% of your revenue from 20% of your customers” and I have almost always heard it in the context of Account Managers or Sales Mangers justifying the time spent on their biggest customers.

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