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Why Exhibitions Are Great For Your Business

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If you’re a business owner or marketer, you may wonder what success your business can have from exhibiting at trade shows. If statistics are anything to go by, trade shows have increased in popularity and success for participating businesses. For example, on @thebusinessshowuk’s Instagram page, you’ll find infographics quoting exciting statistics, including 76% of visitors of B2C and B2B events making new purchasing decisions.

Plus, did you know an attendee’s brand perception is improved by as much as 21% after meeting a business at an exhibition? The in-person connection is the tipping point for higher engagement and conversion.

Critical Advantages of Exhibiting At Trade Shows

This article has compelling reasons why your business can consider exhibiting at trade shows locally and offshore.


Face-to-face networking works! 71% of SMEs generated business from this method. Exhibitions are great places for growing your contact list. (Display Wizard SME survey). This statistic and more in this article are in this blog by The Great British Business Show.

Trade shows bring together professionals, potential clients, partners, suppliers, and industry experts under one roof. This presents an excellent opportunity for networking, forming valuable relationships, and expanding your business contacts.

Lead Generation

75% of exhibitors predicted a positive future for business shows. This includes better lead generation, brand awareness, and a significant ROI. (Display Wizard Exhibitor Survey).

Trade shows attract genuinely interested attendees in the industry and its products/services. Exhibiting allows you to capture leads and build a database of potential customers who have shown direct interest in what you offer.

Brand Exposure

70% of businesses exhibiting at trade shows generated brand awareness and new leads in 2022. (Display Wizard Exhibitor Survey)

Trade shows provide a platform to showcase your brand, products, and services to a highly targeted audience. This exposure can help increase brand awareness and recognition within your industry.

Product Launches

Smaller businesses can not afford to have dedicated product launches like Apple Inc. However, launching new products at business shows can reach sizeable audiences in person.

Trade shows offer an ideal setting for launching new products or services. The concentrated audience and media presence can help generate buzz and excitement around your offerings.

Market Research

Are you struggling with your market research? You’re not alone. Relying on customers completing online surveys for your intel is challenging and usually requires incentives. However, consider getting your insights at the trade show!

Interacting with attendees at your booth can provide valuable insights into current market trends, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape. This information can inform your business strategy and help you make informed decisions.

Competitive Analysis

Trade shows allow you to observe your competitors closely, understand their offerings, and gauge their strategies. This information can help you refine your strategy and stay ahead in the market. You will likely also find competitors you didn’t know your business had. These companies will probably be startups that, if left unwatched, could soon be hot on your tail to grab your market share!

Education and Learning

Many trade shows feature seminars, workshops, and panel discussions conducted by industry experts. Participating in these sessions can enhance your team’s knowledge and keep you updated on the latest developments in your field.

There is also a more significant benefit to employees of an exhibiting company. 58% of businesses said their staff developed their knowledge of the products and resources offered at an exhibition. (Display Wizard Trade Show Exhibitor Report 2022).

Media Coverage

Well-attended trade shows often attract media coverage. If your products or services are unique or innovative, you might attract attention from industry journalists and bloggers, leading to increased media exposure.

Ensure you invest in professional signage and marketing material, including a flyer, eReport, infographic, and business cards. Yes, business cards are still a thing!

Partnerships and Collaborations

Trade shows can facilitate collaborations and partnerships between businesses. You might find opportunities to collaborate with complementary companies to offer bundled solutions or leverage each other’s strengths.

Immediate Feedback

Engaging with attendees allows you to receive instant feedback about your products or services. This feedback can guide improvements and refinements to better meet customer needs.


Trade shows can be an unexpected platform for recruiting talent. If your business wants to hire, interacting with attendees could help you identify potential candidates with relevant skills and experience.


Did you know 81% оf business exhibition attendees hаvе purchasing аuthоrіtу? (CEIR: Thе Sреnd Dесіѕіоn: Anаlуzіng Hоw Exhіbіtѕ Fіt Into the Ovеrаll Marketing).

On average, it takes 4.5 sales calls to close a sale, but with a lead from an exhibition, it only takes 3.5. (CEIR: ‘The Cost Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation: Part II).

These statistics speak volumes about the value of in-person meetings at business shows and exhibitions.


The more traditional face-to-face methods of a trade show win out over modern digital marketing methods. As a first step, attend a business show as a regular attendee. Attendance is usually free, and you can observe and take notes on how businesses exhibit. Then, put your newfound knowledge into the text, choosing a trade show for your exhibit.