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Stay Ahead In The Care Home Industry With Call Tracking

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The care home industry has rebounded post-pandemic. The past couple of years have been challenging; however, care home businesses are focusing on what’s in front of them – growth.

Today, online or digital marketing rules, even in the care home industry. They, too, use every channel, platform, and marketing strategy to reach targeted audiences. Getting the most from every conversation to secure leads and, ideally, new customers, i.e., new care home residents, requires data analysis and reporting. To overcome this sometimes trying and complex task, call tracking software is used to present data on which marketing channels resulted in phone calls.

In this business blog article, you’ll learn what call tracking software is and how it can help propel your care home marketing to new heights.

What Is Call Tracking Software?

Marketers are always need analysing the success of their campaigns to know which are delivering the desired results. With call tracking software, they can elevate their care home’s marketing efforts and remain a worthy competitor in the current care home industry. How?

Call tracking software is an expert business tool that gives you complete visibility over every aspect of your prospect’s inbound calls. Plus, it’s not just marketing that benefits from the call tracking software; your customer service wins, too, with the data presenting a full view of how they engage with your care home..

Plus, when handling calls from prospective residents and their families, it’s important to gain extensive information on each call. Rather than relying on a worker to input the information correctly, the call tracking software analyses measurement and presents metrics in reporting, which may include:

  • Call duration
  • Caller’s phone number
  • Duration of the ring
  • Rate of call abandonment

Call tracking can also reveal detailed insights and reports on interaction to help you create customer journey maps that outline prospects’ engagement across your marketing. You can imagine how valuable this information is to marketers as it will show you every touchpoint a prospective resident visited before, during, and after they called.

Marketers can realise their performance and drive their marketing approach on real feedback from existing campaigns, including how successful each campaign is at driving leads and move-ins for your care home.

How Can Call Tracking Elevate Your Care Home?

Tailoring your marketing campaigns to prospects

Using the meaningful insights and reports provided by your call tracking software, you can begin to improve the engagement produced by your marketing campaigns by tailoring the content.

Your customer journey maps created using the reports will show which marketing campaigns drive the most leads and move-ins for your care home.

Once you have this information, you can evaluate the type of content used in each successful campaign to reveal what prospects are being drawn to most. For example, you might find that prospective residents and their families are engaging most with campaigns that display information about your care home’s staff – such as the number of staff, their qualifications, testimonials, etc.

As a result, you’ll know exactly what to include in future campaigns, and you can start devising content that is proven more successful at driving prospect engagement. This will significantly boost the number of leads and move-ins generated by each campaign, and your care home will benefit greatly from it.

Improve communication with prospects

Another important aspect of your care home marketing is how you communicate with your prospects. When using call tracking software, you’ll have all the tools and features to significantly improve this.

Speech analytics can be integrated into your call tracking software, ensuring that every prospect call is transcribed for later review. On top of this, you can also use the feature to pick up on any specific keywords mentioned in the conversation, which will be relevant to your care home’s engagement with prospects.

For instance, you can use the software to identify mentions of words like “price” or “move-in” to promptly identify your most valuable enquiries and those likely to convert to a move-in. Also, you can use the software to reveal things like the purpose of each call, how every prospect interacted with it, and whether they were satisfied at the end of the conversation.

All this information is key to understanding all the different areas of your communication that you can refine, giving you the highest chance of converting prospective residents to move-ins.

Summing Up

Marketers love the feedback that comes from campaign measurement and metrics. Call tracking software lets you see how many people are calling you and where they are coming from, i.e., PPC ads, content marketing, your website, or social media marketing. Rather than relying on people to accurately account for the content of each call-tracking software helps you understand who is contacting you and why. You can use this information to improve your marketing strategy and increase sales.

Now COVID is manageable, your marketers can use call tracking to grow your business, so your care home is front and centre for new residents.