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What’s Hot In Digital Marketing in 2023

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Marketers know they need to use new digital marketing trends that capture consumers’ attention. Where the customer goes, businesses must surely follow!

Some of the notable trends that have stirred up interest from internet users include NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the metaverse, and crypto. Still considered at the high-risk end of marketing, there is a bright future for virtual marketing in the metaverse.


TikTok is growing and presents more opportunities for marketers with short video clips. Social media is still a priority for marketers due to the relative volume of active users, particularly Meta’s platforms, i.e., Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Automation and AI are now integral to delivering personalized content. We’re nearing the end of access to third-party data. Marketers know they need to firm up their customer discovery research with systems that can analyze and report intuitive data.

Have You Tried These Digital Marketing Strategies?

With each year there is more competition for consumer attention. Marketers know they can hedge their probability of success using proven campaign strategies and gradually progress to a more highly effective form of digital marketing including:

  • Virtual marketing
  • Short videos
  • Collaborations
  • Automation
  • AI in marketing
  • Personalization

Short Form Video

Are you creating short video clips for your business? Short-form videos have a very high ROI. 86% of marketers working with video content reported a positive ROI on video marketing methods. It’s the most popular marketing strategy on social media and a trending digital marketing for 2022!

TikTok is the site for short-form videos. It now has competition from Instagram with its Reels feature and Youtube – the top-ranked video platform however TikTok is growing and has a loyal following with younger people. 75% of users are under 35 years old.

Producing a video is also less time-consuming than other content types still popular with marketers including:

  • eDM – email marketing messages
  • Content marketing – guest posting
  • Social media posting – stories, tweets, etc

Plus, we can all do it using our mobile phones. Users also provide short videos as they are easier to watch than reading long-form content. However, don’t ditch your blog content strategy as Google loves it and most site visitors come from organic and paid search.


One of the critical components in creating engaging video content is to make it exciting and relatable to the user.

You can do this by producing a video that tells a powerful story. Like with any basic storytelling, hook people in with a story, about an experience that resonates with your audience. Well-produced short videos captivate and engage then promote.


Tuipet on Instagram

Tuipet on Instagram

Social media marketing is ripe for collaborations. Influencers collaborate with each other, and it’s entertaining for viewers.

Instagram Collabs is trending in 2022. You can use a feed post or reel to join together with another user and coauthor a video or post and share it with the followers of both users. Look for synergistic businesses to campaign together, and both get the credit and share of the engagement and conversions.

Automation and AI

Lead generation is challenging work for marketers not using automation. You may believe the hard work is down once a campaign is live if you’re a new marketer. Unfortunately, it’s just beginning!

From customer data capture and follow-ups to campaign analysis – when you’re using AI and marketing automation software many time-consuming tasks that you’d ordinarily need to spend hours doing are now successfully executed. You can literally work on your marketing while letting AI and automation find audiences and manage campaigns. A wide range of tools available will improve your marketing approach, so look around and find one that suits your company’s needs.

Customer Community

People often miss a trick with this one. Using systems to remarket to current and active customers can also improve your new customer acquisition.

The majority of companies focus on advertising to new customers, missing the opportunity to increase the spending of existing customers.

Having something like a customer community will encourage customers to keep engaged with your brand and other customers regularly. Essentially, this means that customers will work together to maximize the amount of value they receive from your business, and you’ll be working with your colleagues to do the same.

Virtual Marketing

Leaving the best to last. The buzz about virtual marketing is accurate, and the opportunities for business promotion are exciting.

You can create, buy and sell NFTs, which are digital assets, namely different types of arts, collectibles, and virtual property.

The metaverse is where the NFTs are seen, experienced, and purchased. If you didn’t know, the metaverse is the next Internet with the experience of immersion for users. When you are in the metaverse, you are not just observing it – you’re part of it. You can see other people, and they can see you and what you’re doing! You will play games, watch live events, learn, shop, and be creative in the metaverse.

Brands are already creating virtual replicas of physical products. You can try on an outfit in a shop in a metaverse, then buy and wear it in the natural or material world.

There may come a time when owning the physical item is less desired than owning it virtually. See more on business in the metaverse here.

Final Thoughts

Use digital marketing trends like what we’ve covered here to create more value for your customers. Your business will see a healthy return on investment when you change it up. Trial marketing software like AI and automation. Start creating short-form video clips and find companies to collaborate with.