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How To Become a Successful Amazon Flex Driver

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Amazon Flex delivery business

Delivery driving is a popular job option for many people, and various services let you sign up and start transporting goods from A to B without much delay. Amazon Flex is one of the top options for delivery drivers eager to work in a way that doesn’t disrupt their lives and doesn’t require the same kind of commitment as a full-time position.

So what do you need to find success with the help of the Amazon Flex platform, and who is best suited to this role?

A Vehicle & Smartphone

When asking questions about Amazon driver job requirements, the first thing to remember is that if you don’t own a suitable vehicle and a suitably modern smartphone, you won’t be eligible to sign up.

Regarding the vehicle, a four-door sedan is a base-level requirement. Still, if you have a bigger car or van, you can accept more deliveries and handle more oversized items, which will work in your favour. It should go without saying that you also need a full, valid driving license and a clean record.

Background checks will be run as part of your application, so there is no point in hiding any prior automotive-related convictions.

You need an Android handset with version 6.0 or newer or an Apple iPhone with at least iOS 13 onboard for a smartphone. GPS location services are also an essential feature since your phone, in combination with the Amazon Flex app, will let you track your responsibilities as a driver.

Good Time Management

Amazon’s delivery infrastructure is very complex, and it requires a lot of individual elements to function efficiently to get goods to customers on time. As such, drivers who apply to the Flex scheme must be punctual, prompt, and not prone to procrastination.

If you don’t turn up for your shift at the allotted time or don’t meet deadlines because you get sidetracked, you won’t hold onto your account for long. Likewise, Amazon could suspend or delete your profile if you sign up for the service but fail to use it to take jobs. So it’s worth staying active on Amazon Flex for this reason alone.

Customer Service Capabilities

While delivery driving isn’t seen as a customer-facing job, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll spend a lot of your day interacting with Amazon users, so you have to be a bit of a people person to really find your groove with this job.

Likewise, you can earn tips as an Amazon Flex driver if you go the extra mile for the people you serve; they could reward you for your efforts by topping up your basic earnings for a shift.

Thriving Under Pressure

With Amazon Flex, you are usually working against the clock, and this is all the more relevant if you pick up jobs for Amazon Prime Now, where the window for making a delivery will be even narrower. Because of this, you must be comfortable working in a situation where pressure is always on you to hit targets and perform effectively, regardless of your circumstances.

For some people, this is second nature. For others, it is a burden that they will struggle to bear. It is all about knowing yourself and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.

The good news is that you can work Amazon Logistics jobs as part of Amazon Flex rather than only being eligible for Prime Now delivery. This gives you an alternative if high-pressure scenarios don’t sound ideal.

Attention To Detail

The Amazon Flex app does an excellent job of keeping you in the loop about what is expected of you from moment to moment. However, you must also engage your brain to make decisions and fulfil your responsibilities. A moment of inattentiveness could leave you taking the wrong item to the wrong location.

Savvy Money Management

As you will need to use a personal vehicle to work for Amazon Flex, you are also responsible for paying to maintain and insure it over time. This can become a balancing act because you obviously don’t want your earnings from Amazon Flex to be wiped out by a big auto maintenance bill.

As with all aspects of achieving success as an Amazon Flex driver, it pays to plan ahead and ensure that you can keep up with the ins and outs of this job, vehicle maintenance included before you make a commitment. This will save you from conundrums further down the line and make it a rewarding position to take up.