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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Systems Improve Safety, and Customer Service

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What is real-time vehicle tracking and which industries are using it to improve their safety standards and customer service?

In this article, we look at how GPS tracking and specialised vehicle tracking systems. They are proving invaluable in reducing poor safety records and improving businesses’ customer services in some interesting industries.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the real-time tracking system.

GPS Technology

Fleet management with real-time tracking has been a game-changer for many industries.  GPS (global positioning system) was developed by the USA Military, now a USA utility, manages it.  There is a free service for civilians worldwide where GPS satellites transmit information, and you’ll find the GPS technology in just about everything from smartphones and devices to financial systems and transport.

GPS is a lifesaver, and it has transformed business too.  Some of the industries that are using real-time tracking systems are:

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Medical
  • Financial Markets & Banking Systems
  • Construction
  • Mining

Plus there are a few lesser than industries using a vehicle tracking system to improve business performance as well as improve safety including:

  • Elderly Care Facilities Management
  • Driver Training Services
  • Rental Vehicle Hire
  • Museums and Institutions

Transporting the elderly requires expert driving skills, and a vehicle fit for purpose and the real-time tracking system tracked how the driver and the vehicle are performing.

Managing a fleet of hire cars is made a lot easier with real-time tracking systems. Valuable assets in Art Galleries and Museums need due care and attention and security, all of which can be tracked with GPS technology.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system informs the business where their vehicle assets are located in real-time. Capturing, storing and using data for fleet workflow management. Wikipedia has a diagram illustrating how the system traces vehicles and transmits data to the system.

GPS Vehicle tracing

Parcel Delivery

Customers can self-manage the tracking of their parcels as soon as they’ve made a purchase. If there is a delay in shipment, customers know firsthand and track their purchase in transit and prepare for its delivery. This feature saves the retailer and the transport or logistics provider time and money. They don’t need to invest in a fully staffed around the clock customer service helpdesk for parcel tracking enquiries.

Vehicle and Driver Safety

Fleet tracking has improved safety standards insofar as it provides the best routes for drivers using Google Maps and or TomTom so they can avoid hazardous roads and accidents.

Drivers also report in on their status, including their health and their hours behind-the-wheel are tracked and recorded. Some systems can also record driver behaviour, and the business can take action with driver education to improve their driving skills and road safety knowledge.

Vehicle Maintenance

Many road accidents happen not due to driver behaviour and the condition of the road. Another core reason is the condition of vehicles. Poor maintenance regimes are a contributing factor in brake-downs, failing brakes and other causes of mechanical failure.

Industries that need their vehicles in peak condition use real-time tracking systems which monitor the odometer data and schedule maintenance.

Prevention of a vehicle slipping-through-the-cracks saves lives, time and money. No one wants to pay higher insurance premiums or end up on the wrong side a lawsuit for a claim of injury or accident. Law firms have profitable practices for personal injury and road accidents to avoid litigation using technology to improve their safety record.


GPS is being used by technology providers to improve everything we do in our lives and in business.

Real-time fleet management systems have proven invaluable to many service providers in logistics, transport and many other industries.

Another interesting area that’s using real-time tracking in logistics is temperature monitoring technology.

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