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Top 10 YouTube Marketing Trends that You Can’t Ignore

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Have you ever seen a tag on specific videos “Trending on YouTube”?

The trend occurs when YouTubers proactively market their videos and make more money by advertising or following up on a plan. YouTube trends are not homogenous every year, as a chameleon changes their colors. The trends change, too. It’s because of human nature.

If you have your own YouTube channel or what to set one up, you’ve come to the right place.  Youtube marketing is something we all are acquainted with but never really know all the tricks, so read this business blog article to find out Youtube marketing trends for 2023.


YouTube currently has around two billion active users per month, which in past years, has increased significantly. The pandemic created a bumper year in 2020 for YouTube. Video content was in demand for work-related events, meetings, online learning, tutorials, and leisure.

On YouTube earning besides views is all about ads that run before or between the videos. Did you know a YouTube channel that has just 1k views on an ad can make approximately $18? How many followers does your YouTube channel have? Besides sharing content, think of how you can earn with Ads.

Top 10 YouTube Marketing Trends

What marketing strategy is going to rock out in 2023? Our top 10 YouTube Marketing trends include:

1. Live stream

YouTube, one of the most used social media sites, has a “live stream” way. You may have seen how influencers advertise and market their products live on Facebook or Instagram to gain more customer trust. Similarly, earnings can be generated through live streams and super chat.

YouTubers go live even though they are eating, shopping, or even walking down the street. People are more connected to live streams than standard video. Moreover, people are more likely to ask queries during live streams. You can answer them and gain more trust.

To drive traffic, market your live stream link before 48 hours and advertise it on every social media platform. According to HubSpot, 17% of industries use live streams to create a solid social media marketing strategy.

2. Gaming

We all have enthusiasm for gaming; it results in lucrative earnings and is rising among the continents, especially in Asia. The YouTube most subscribed gaming channel belongs PewDiePie, with over 110 million YouTube subscribers, while Fernanfloo is the 2nd biggest gaming channel, with 42.4 million subscribers.

Minecraft is currently one of the most viewed gaming content on YouTube, with 201 billion viewers watching it in 2020, and Roblox with 72 billion viewers in the same year.

There are many things that YouTubers are advertising on their gaming live streams, and we get a notice from it. Like what mouse they use, the keyboard, the microphone headset, and many other things. In addition, most YouTubers pre-record their videos with astonishing editing skills. These top screen recorders will be pretty beneficial for your videos.

3. YouTube ads

We all are familiar with YouTube ads, and sometimes it is one of the most annoying things, but not for the YouTuber. Why are brands investing in YouTube instead of consulting a TV advertiser? Because YouTube advertisements are less expensive and more in demand today. Furthermore, about 40% of shoppers worldwide have found most of the products from YouTube videos. Moreover, 84% of YouTube advertising is more likely to build attention than local TV ads.

There are five types of YouTube advertisements.

  • Skippable ads before the video. (In-stream)
  • Non-skippable. (Preload ads)
  • Dumper ads
  • Discovery ads
  • Non-video ads

In 2019, Pre-loads ads were more efficient because of the 29% responses – According to Statista.

4. Products promotion

Like blogs, you can advertise other products on your videos and advise people to use them. Famous brands tend to consult YouTubers to promote their products in their videos. Most YouTubers today are marketing their channels like this. Furthermore, you can share your daily lifestyle by uploading a vlog and advertising products. It is like influencer marketing, most popular on Instagram.

In addition, people will be engaged by your lifestyle and the equipment you use while shooting your videos and guiding them about the products-the nitty-gritty detail.

5. Uploading shorts

There are vast contents of long videos available on YouTube. In Sept 2020, the company launched the “Beta” version in India. Sooner, it was released in the United States on Mar 18, 2021. Like TikTok and Instagram short reels functionality, instead of long videos,

YouTubers can now upload 60 seconds short clips, too. Users can also trim it down to 15 seconds with the tools available. Who wants to waste their time if they can watch everything in just a few seconds?

In addition, as far as marketing is concerned. There was a short fund announced for 2021-2022 by YouTube of $100m.
Anyone who wants to be eligible for this can start making YouTube shorts. According to HubSpot, there is a 50% retention chance on videos that are not more than 90 seconds.

6. Storytelling

As we discussed YouTube shorts in the above paragraph, this is similar to that, but not exactly like it. People are more likely to watch everything simply rather than solve a puzzle in their minds.

Creating a storyline about your products will trigger the spectator’s mindset and can result in a promotion of your brands.
95% of video marketers said they felt they’d increased their understanding of their product or service using video.

7. Showing how to live a sustainable lifestyle

The world’s economy has slowed down because of the Pandemic of Covid-19. So, the budget is out of hand for many. It will be a trend of living a basic lifestyle on such a short budget. Preferring this marketing strategy to promote your brand is a wise choice.

8. Video sequential marketing

We have mentioned YouTube ads above, but how about making it more entertaining?

Video Sequential marketing is something you may not hear before. Promoting your brand or product by introducing a series of videos is an enthralling technique. It helps your product gain more popularity among your consumers and builds trust. Moreover, this is becoming dominant in the marketing industry. A lot of enterprises are using this vital technique to boost their sales.

According to the Insivia report, over 95% of viewers agreed to the message in a video form.

9. How-to videos

Everybody wants to learn and absorb more skills. Day by day, a new skill develops. Of course, people will know it free of cost, and YouTube is the best place to learn. You can promote your skills and brands by teaching people new skills from your how-to videos. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, of 4,594 US citizens in which, 51% take help from YouTube to learn new skills and solve their doubts.

10. Immersive shopping

Have you ever bought something after watching a YouTube video? That’s an immersive shopping video. By this, you are creating an easy path for your consumers. The YouTube ads are okay, but trust must be built. Use ‘shoppable’ videos, and your viewership will rise.

Moreover, reports show that 72% of customers have agreed to purchase products from online videos. This will be a fantastic trend in 2023, as this marketing tool is used by 86% of the business industries. It has increased by 23% from 2016.


If you have your own YouTube channel, this article has given you YouTube marketing trends to focus on in 2023. We all are acquainted with marketing but never really know all the tricks.

It is crazy that about 500+ hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute, and about one billion of content is watched by the global audience.

Remember about YouTube shorts to promote your long videos; use storytelling and how-to videos, and don’t be afraid to stand out!