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Turning YouTube Into Your Personal 24/7 Lead Machine

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Leads are one of the most critical aspects of any business. For most businesses, they are so essential that they are both the beginning and end of the most substantial ranging functions, such as your marketing funnels. Getting enough leads is a process that needs to continue at all hours, and this isn’t as difficult as it used to be since the widespread application of the Internet.

YouTube is one of the best ways to make your marketing work for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The thing is, you need to make sure that your leads are coming in all of the time, which involves making sure that what you’re putting out is evergreen. Evergreen content isn’t seasonally based, and it makes as much sense to your intended clients in February as it would in August, and as much in December as it does in June.

Protecting Your Content

To start with, since you’re already taking the time to protect your company from a legal perspective, you have to protect all you produce in the service of your company. By protecting your content, you allow yourself to both save an asset that took time to produce and to save your company image. Protecting your image includes every video and audio file you produce.

Some of the protections can be access-related. Allowing only partial access to your files can be useful, especially when there’s less of an ability to add watermarks or other protections. Allowing access behind an email collection wall that only sends the link to people once you have some of their contact information can also help you protect your content.

Of course, in marketing, you usually want to cast a wider net than this.

The Hit and Miss Nature of Video

Since being an entrepreneur requires that you become comfortable with some level of risk, it pretty much goes without saying that many of your videos aren’t going to “go viral” and become talked about by millions of people. Making videos involves making plenty that either will never have high viewership, or that won’t have many viewers for a long time.

Even if you’re a video-making professional, less than one percent of YouTube channels will achieve an “Internet famous” status. This isn’t even counting success stories that reach a level of fame that transcends the Internet. Since there’s so much content that’s already out there, and so much of it is well-made, getting noticed quickly is all but impossible.

Nonetheless, sticking it out and making a significant number of videos is still a crucial part of your success. Making a handful of videos won’t help nearly as much as producing a sizable number, just like making vague statements won’t make the same level of impact as does making highly precise statements. Add value to the lives of your best potential clients, and speak in terms that will resonate with them, and you’ll eventually attract the types of people who will buy from you.

The Types of Files

There are many different types of video you can make, and they respectively have advantages and disadvantages. The main types of video files are MP4 and WMV. Their respective homes are on Mac devices and Windows-powered devices, and the differences are worth noting.

WMV files are videos that tend to be of a smaller file size, which allows them to be uploaded onto YouTube more easily. The flexibility to make a video and upload it mere minutes later, even on a slower speed of connection, can contribute to making more content and doing so with a greater range of adaptation. Of course, this can lead to lower-quality videos.

MP4 videos can contain sound files, still images, videos, and extremely high quality. Since these are also native to Mac, they can be targeted to specific types of people, such as creative professionals. The downside to MP4 files is that they tend to be a lot larger than WMV files, so it can take a lot longer for these files to upload or play. Some users may have less attention span for loading times, and the additional level of video quality may not even be something that they care about. Some people will watch a video that was shot with potato, as long as it provides them with something entertaining or educational.

When you want to experiment with both types of videos, you can use Freemake Wmv converter to turn one into the other.

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