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Hulu Advertising: Tips for Advertising on Hulu

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What if you had an amazing advertising opportunity and you blew it?

Advertising on Hulu is a great way to reach potential customers. However, some methods of Hulu advertising are more effective than others.

Wondering what the best ways to advertise on Hulu are? Keep reading to discover our top tips!

The Right Length

When you engage in Hulu advertising, you must first choose how long your video advertisement will be. There are several options, but some are more effective than others.

For example, the most popular choices are the 15- and 30-second ads. These are standardized commercial lengths that most users will be familiar with from other streaming services such as Youtube.

The fact that these are “standard,” though, doesn’t mean you must follow suit. One of the shortest (and cheapest) options is the 7-second advertisement. That may sound a bit short, but it’s entirely possible for you to get your point across in this short period of time.

And the money you save from short advertisements will make it easier to pay for multiple ads. This approach lets you diversify your marketing (more on this later).

Segments Based On Shows

One compelling reason to diversify your advertisements is that you have multiple customer segments. In order to get the most out of your marketing, you can identify each segment and then design commercials accordingly.

Fortunately, Hulu makes it easy to identify these specific segments. You can simply use data about what your customers are watching in order to identify their interests.

Once you have that info, the sky is the limit for your commercial design. You can create advertisements that mimic the tone and genre of the shows users watch, increasing user engagement.

In addition to data from Hulu, don’t hesitate to poll your customers regarding their viewing habits and other interests. All of this helps you narrow down your targeted advertising.

Interactive Helps, But Not a Requirement

In terms of customer engagement, most businesses place a lot of faith in interactive advertisements. While these are a great way to stimulate viewer interest, it’s important to remember that not everything needs to be interactive.

Basically, interactive content works best in terms of really high-level products (think cars and homes). Customers will be more likely to engage with interactive advertisements before making such a major purchase.

On the other hand, most products can be advertised via short, simple, and entertaining ads. And being able to shave a few seconds off of the ad length will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Custom Video

So far, we have proceeded under certain assumptions about your video skills. Specifically, we have assumed that you have the knowledge and technology to create solid video advertisements for Hulu.

Not all companies have such experience, but this doesn’t keep them from advertising on Hulu. Instead, they can take advantage of Hulu’s custom video program.

Basically, this program allows Hulu to create high-quality advertisements for your products based on your instructions. This is a good “best of both worlds” approach, allowing the video experts to handle video production and allowing you to focus on managing your business.

Leverage Social Media

Advertising on streaming services is very effective, but it is by no means the only strategy around. In fact, your digital marketing strategy should explore ways to leverage your social media presence into more effective streaming ads.

We already touched on one example earlier: polling customers about their viewing habits. Conducting such polls online helps make your social media more engaging, building your brand as you collect important demographic data.

You can also more passively use social media to gauge viewer interests. By having your social media manager monitor customer communications, you can see what topics are generating a lot of buzz.

That way you can integrate those buzz-worthy topics into your Hulu ads!

It’s Okay to Go Simple

By now, you’re probably noticing a theme: there is nothing wrong with simplicity. Just as there is nothing wrong with very short ads, there is nothing wrong with keeping your Hulu advertisements simple and straightforward.

Instead of creating custom commercials for Hulu, you can take advantage of masthead placement. This puts your products next to Hulu’s recommended shows, keeping you on the top of customer’s minds for a fraction of the budget and complexity of video production. For a higher price, you can get product placement in Hulu’s original programming.

You can also explore simple options such as page brand placement. By understanding everything your company can do when marketing on Hulu, you can discover the plan that best suits your own business needs.

Diversify Your Ads

We touched on this earlier, but it’s important to diversify your ads. In other words, you shouldn’t blow the entire marketing budget on a single advertisement!

One way to stretch those marketing dollars is to embrace shorter ads and/or strategies such as masthead product placement. This lets you reach more customers over a longer period of time.

This diversity is the key to reaching multiple customer segments. Why settle for reaching only a portion of your customers when you can create custom advertisements for each segment?

Use Local Ads

Because Hulu is popular around the world, most businesses think of it in terms of national advertisement. However, if you run a local business, you can actually use Hulu for some very effective local marketing.

When advertising on Hulu, you can use their Nielsen-powered data to target ads to specific places. Your east coast business doesn’t have to bother with west coast advertising. Instead, you can target Hulu subscribers in the nearby area!

Such local advertisement also costs less than widespread advertising. This approach, like many others we have noted, helps you stretch your marketing budget.

Hulu Advertising: Make the Most of It

Now you know the top tips for Hulu advertising. But do you know where you can get even more marketing wisdom?

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