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Creating A Professional Email Signature With Your Logo

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Email is the most trusted online communications channel, yet many business people don’t have a professional email signature. This is surprising given how easy it is to set up and how many emails are sent and received. If you knew a quality logo signature improved brand reputation and the perception of your business, would you get one? Yes, of course, you would.

Essential Business Information

Not all email recipients want to just use email to contact you. With a properly designed email signature, that has your social media URLs, your online chat name, website and so on, recipients can choose how they want to communicate with you. We all research online, so if you’re emailing customers for the first time, including a list of your online assets gives them the means to learn more about your business.

There is a fine balance between providing enough but not too much detail. Include all the information that you would place on your business card. As mentioned earlier, add in the social media and online chat URLs and profile names as well as your name, current position, company name, website and physical or postal address.

Select A Free Email Signature Generator

In order to easily create an email signature with logo, consider using a free online generator. These generators allow you to easily add all the information you wish to include on all of your emails. Once configured, you can add your customized email signature directly to your email inbox.

Remember To Add Your Social Media Profiles

If you’re an online business, you likely have a lot of social media profiles. Again you need to work through how much information is too much or if in doubt create more than one signature so you can choose which one to use and this way you can ensure you have just the information you need that’s relevant to the email recipient.

For example, your business address will not be relevant if you’re emailing with someone offshore. They will be more interested in your social profiles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts.

There is no limit to what you can add to a signature, and you can play around with fonts styles and size to improve its visual impact.

Design Or Upload Your Business Logo

Once you decide on the information to include on your email signature, you need to design and add your business logo. A business logo integration increases your brand recognition, as well as the design of your email signature. Luckily, the best email signature generators have simplified the process to allow for easy logo integration.

Simply upload a photo of your logo from the file. Then, you can customize the style, color, and size within your email signature. Be sure to choose the right logo for your business email signature. To design a professional email signature with your logo, be sure to include your desired logo within your selected online generator.

Customize Your Signature

With the essential information outlined, you need to customize your signature. Signature customizations allow you to add attractive, exciting, and unique information to your email signature. When properly selected, these additions help you stand out and outline specific details.

Stylised Sign-Off

Consider adding a handwritten styled signoff to the footer of all your communications. At the same time, add custom buttons, sensitivity disclaimers, videos, or pre-designed banners to further enhance your email signature. Once your essential information is in place, customize your email signature to best stand out to your recipients.


Now it’s time to market your business every time you send an email with a professional email signature with your logo.

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