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6 Tips For Summer Camp Advertisement

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In the United States, there are about 2,400 accredited summer camps.

If you are trying to run a successful camp, you’ll have to compete with thousands of other camps to get your name out there.

If you run or own a summer camp, it is important to practice marketing. Here are some tips for some summer camp advertisement that will lead to more campers.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you can run an effective¬†summer camp advertisement, you’ll need to make sure you figure out who your target audience is.

For a summer camp, there are normally two types of categories that you can advertise to. You can either advertise to the children or to the parents.

With two different audiences, you’ll likely need to create two different kinds of strategies as well. However, that doesn’t have to be difficult.

You’ll have to do more push marketing with children, which means that you are pushing them to try and do something. And that is to have their parents sign them up for this camp.

As for the parents, you’ll likely use drawing marketing. That means you’re trying to draw them in to sign their children up for this camp.

Dividing your marketing up by target audience is just one easy path to success.

2. Create an Email Marketing List

One type of marketing you can do is to create an email marketing list.

This is a free, subscription-based list that you can send emails to about your summer camp. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to communicate with people who are interested in your camp.

You should let users sign up for free on your website, and this will automatically add them to your distribution list. There are also third-party services that can do this for you.

In the emails you send out, you can provide information on promotions, deals, or upcoming summer events.

3. Know Your Competition

You’ll also have to figure out who your competition will be. You should find at least five different camps that you would say you compete with frequently.

You should compare them to your camp in every way possible.

Once you have your comparisons, you should ask yourself what makes your camp unique? What helps you stand out from your competitors?

Do you offer a special kind of programming? Finding out what your strengths are can help you advertise them to parents. This will also make your advertising unique because the other camps won’t advertise those same strengths.

4. Use Social Media

In the digital age, you must do some of your marketing on social media as well. If you’re trying to advertise to kids, this is crucially important.

Social media is free to advertise on (for basics) and is immediate.

You’ll be able to see who engages with your posts and how many people have viewed them. If you have a website, it can even help to send people to your website.

There are all kinds of social media platforms, but don’t be overwhelmed. You don’t have to be on all of them.

The few that you should be on include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and possibly even Yelp. If you want to reach the children, you should consider TikTok.

5. Build a Good Website

If you don’t have a website, you probably need one.

While having social media accounts can be helpful, you need a good website for parents to find all the information they need about your camp.

If you have a website that you can direct people to, other people will also be able to advertise for you more easily.

For example, schools can promote your summer camp on their websites if you have a website to let them use.

If you want to have more people sign up for your summer camp, you should also offer online registrations. This makes it easier for everyone involved, and if it’s easier to sign up, most parents will.

Make sure that you have a nice, clean design. Include some professional photos of your camp and staff. If you can, try to include reviews from other happy campers who have had a positive experience.

6. Advertise in a Community

Lastly, you should also make sure that you try and advertise in a specific community.

Once you have decided on your target community, you’ll also need to decide on the community to advertise in.

You’ll have to create a plan and figure out what kind of community your camp operates in. You want to target local families because these are the ones who will most likely be sending their kids to your camp.

Parents may be more comfortable sending their child away to a camp if the camp is near their home if anything happens.

You should figure out how to get your name out to the community. This may consist of advertising in local schools, local volunteer opportunities, or even teen conferences.

Learn More About Summer Camp Advertisement

These are only a few tips to help you with summer camp advertisement; there are many more out there.

The bottom line is that you should make sure you know who you are advertising to and then make sure you get your name out there as much as possible, using multiple different ways.

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