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Keeping Your Business Safe: The Top Business Security Tips You Need to Know

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Crime is more common than we’d like to think in the US.

For instance, property crime alone results in over $14 billion of losses each year.

Clearly, people regularly suffer at the hands of criminal wrongdoing. The practical and financial implications of any security breach can be debilitating. For businesses, this can be a particular problem.

As we know, failing to prepare is like preparing to fail. Prevention is far better than a cure. It’s important to take active steps to enhance levels of security. Don’t risk becoming an easy target.

Thankfully, there are some straightforward methods for doing it.

Are you interested in learning what they are? Keep reading to discover 7 top business security tips.

1. Regularly Shred Important Documentation

Computers have taken over a lot of business operations.

However, paper copies of important files remain ubiquitous. Offices and households around the country have folders and filing cabinets full of sensitive information.

Of course, it’s sensitive for a reason. From financial records and personal passwords to client information and business plans- it’s all there. In the wrong hands, chaos can ensue.

Get into the habit of regularly shredding your paper copies. Likewise, enforce the practice as a company-wide rule. All it takes is one forgotten file to cause a problem.

Be sure to clear digital copies too! As we’ll go onto discuss in greater detail, cybersecurity is a pressing issue for businesses. Never keep sensitive data on file (physically or digitally) unnecessarily.

2. Enforce Password Regulations

Passwords are the gateway to your computer systems.

Having a poor quality password is like leaving the front door of your house unlocked. It’s like asking for trouble. Any hacker worth their salt will breeze past basic passwords.

Likewise, anyone inside a company may be able to guess a password-based upon their knowledge of you and/or other employees.

Businesses should make it obligatory to have strong passwords that regularly get changed.

Likewise, multi-factor authenticity is a good idea. An initial password triggers a phone message that contains a secondary code. The entry of this code provides access to the computer. It’s a gold standard of password protection for businesses.

It’s also important to avoid leaving computers unattended when possible. Sensitive information that’s onscreen gets shared to anyone in the environment. Always lock the computer when it’s necessary to leave the room.

3. Have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV systems are another great way of facilitating business security.

Indeed, they’re often essential in certain industries, such as retail or warehousing.

Having the ability to monitor the premises is key.

For one thing, it works as a deterrent. Would-be criminals will be less inclined to act when they know they can be caught. Secondly, anyone who does commit a crime is caught on camera. That means emergency services can be called; evidence is gained for future prosecutions.

Nicely, modern technology makes it possible to view footage from anywhere in the world. The CCTV can link up to a smartphone. You may be in a completely different state, but you can still track what’s happening.

This ability can help deal with ‘in-house’ issues too. Employee infractions can be observed, recorded and dealt with accordingly.

4. Hire Security Guards

Security guards might seem excessive for some businesses.

However, they’re absolutely essential for others. Take warehouses, for example. With a large space and masses of valuable equipment, having someone present to patrol the area can be a major help.

The guard is specially trained to handle problems on site. They can be in place at all hours of the day- even outside business operations.

CCTV is good for providing eyes on the ground. But you’re somewhat powerless to handle anything you observe. Security guards provide eyes and feet! Any intruder or thief can be intercepted; emergency services can be called.

Obviously, it acts as an effective deterrent against crime too.

Read more here about the benefits of security guards.

5. Keep Up to Speed with Cyber Security

These days, the greatest threat to businesses is often online.

The prevalence of computers and the reliance on them to business operations isn’t all good news. It makes them susceptible to attacks from hackers and malware.

When computers fail, the entire business operation can go down with it. Any downtime has immense financial implications. The cost of handling the hack or malware attack can also be extreme.

All told, the only sensible approach is to be diligent with cybersecurity. Investing in quality antivirus and antimalware software is a must. Likewise, backing up all data to the cloud, or alternative servers reduces the potential harm.

6. Install Spot Lights and Alarms

Criminals naturally prefer environments that limit the chance of getting caught.

The cover of darkness. A lack of security personnel. No alarm system…And so on.

Conversely, they’re more likely to steer clear of places where getting caught is likely. It’s your job to make their task as hard as possible.

Having spotlights and alarm systems are often fundamental methods for doing this. Combine these with cameras and security guards, and you’re on to a winner.

7. Follow Safe Online Practices

Here’s another cybersecurity tip:

It’s important to ensure all employees abide by strict and safe online habits. Writing a handbook of appropriate behavior is important.

For example, make it known that no-one should open or distribute strange emails. They’re often a haven for malware. All it takes is clicking one dubious link to reap havoc on the business.

Educate your employees. Share information about recent threats. Be vigilant for unrecognized emails and make sure everyone understands the implications of opening them.

Time to Enhance Your Business Security

There you have it: 7 top tips for increasing business security.

Unfortunately, rates of property crime around the US remain high. Billions of dollars are lost each year as a result. Businesses and individuals alike suffer at the hands of wrongdoing.

A modern world provides all manner of modern challenges as well. Businesses especially can feel the effects. Cybercrime is now as much of a threat as an actual break-in at the business headquarters!

Thankfully, there are ways to go about protecting yourself from both. Hopefully, this post has provided a few top ideas for doing exactly that.

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