4 Sure-fire Ways to Keep Your Business Secure from Thieves

security guardEvery business, whether you handle cash on site or not, is a potential target for opportunist thieves looking to make some money. Anything from your computers and tech to art can yield a high price on the black market, not to mention the fact that modern thieves are often willing to steal priceless information and Intellectual Property.

So, how do you keep your business secure from thieves?

Physical security

It doesn’t matter whether your business space is in the safest neighborhood on Earth, it is crucial that you have as many physical barriers as possible to protect your space without making it look or feel like a prison.

If you’re not sure where to start, then go out into the street and look at the building. The first layer of protection should be a solid fence or perimeter boundary from Aluminum Fences Direct. This is as much a visual deterrent as it is a physical barrier, and should make thieves think twice.

Next up is your doors and windows. Protect these and make entry difficult with security gates and burglar bars if necessary. When applied correctly, you can add these safety measures and retain an urban, industrial look, so there’s no need to worry about the aesthetic aspect of your space.

Consider cybersecurity

A huge focus of any concerned business owner at the moment is the threat of digital or data sabotage.

As cyber criminals become increasingly advanced, the need for a serious cybersecurity operation grows. It is no longer enough to have your employees use basic encryption or password protection – you need a holistic, agile security solution.

Many businesses are turning to security experts and software developers to create integrated data protection systems that stay one step ahead of would-be threats.

These systems often use a mixture of backend code, wireless camera integration, and biometrics to ensure that no data falls into the wrong hands.

While it might not be necessary for your business to go all out and invest in a system of this kind, it’s always worth doing a test on the digital parts of your offering to maintain security, both for the sake of your operation and the peace of mind of your customers.

Get eyes on the ground

CCTV has come a long way and thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, it’s possible to keep an eye on your office from afar.

Modern wireless camera systems are not only easy to install, but generally pair to an app that allows you to control camera motion, listen in, and watch what’s happening in your office when you’re not there. You can even set up notifications when alarm sensors or motion trackers are triggered.

While your employees might have a thing or two to say about privacy, you need to stress that this is for their protection rather than you being a voyeur.

It’s always wise to invest in a system of this kind as it can help in the case of insurance claims should the thieves be successful.

A culture of safety

Ultimately, every defence in the world will be rendered pointless if your staff have a poor attitude towards security.

You need to instil a culture of vigilance – not paranoia – and focus on the small things. Set a routine for shutting the office at the close of business. Make sure there are panic buttons installed. And stress the importance of keeping private information private at all costs.

You might feel like you are investing in the creation of a prison state, but protecting your business will benefit everyone involved from threats that can so easily be avoided with a small investment and a little extra focus.

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