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Handy Business Security Tips to Keep the Office Safe 24/7

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Did you know that, in New York alone, there has been a 75% increase in commercial break-ins within the past year?

If you own a small business, it’s not only cybercrime that’s a big challenge for your online assets, you might also have a lot of concerns in regards to someone stealing from your office.  A lot of stealing does come from employees and also from strangers infiltrating the work premises. However, you may not know how you can do more to shield your office from thieves.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover three business security tips that’ll help keep your office secure. If you use these security tips, you should be able to minimize the odds of a burglary.

1. Embrace Keycard Technology

If you want to keep your physical premises secure, adopting a keycard system can be a brilliant approach. This is because a keycard system allows you to monitor and control who can and cannot enter the premises.

Also, keycard systems let you revoke access so that you can eliminate the functionality of certain keycards. This is especially helpful if you want to prevent ex-employees or ‘guests’ from accessing your premises at a later date.  Would you want a disgruntled worker gaining access to your office after hours?

Another good thing about a keycard system is you can make it so that certain cards only work for specific rooms and hours of the day.

For example, you can set things up so that only your IT staff can access the ‘server’ room within your office. This is a great feature, as you can protect critical parts of your business, even if someone manages the steal the keycard of a ‘generic’ employee.

2. Purchase an Alarm System

You can also protect your business by purchasing an alarm system that’s designed for offices.

One of the good things about an alarm system is that it can act as a deterrent, as burglars will tend to avoid buildings with alarms. That said, if you want your alarm system to act as a deterrent, you need to make sure the system is highly visible.

It’s worth noting that an electrical contractor can install an alarm system for you. This is worth mentioning because working with an electrician can often be cheaper than hiring a specialist security firm.

Following this, you might want to buy an alarm system, and then hire an electrician to install it for you.  Using a system that combines an alarm and video surveillance provides extra peace of mind too.

3. Improve the Doors and Windows

If someone is going to break into your office premises, they’ll likely break in via a door or window. Because of this, you should think about reinforcing your doors and windows so that it’s harder for people to break in.

Luckily, companies that install windows and doors tend to offer specialist products that focus on security. If you buy these specialist doors and windows, you’ll address one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in your office.

Time to Improve Business Security?

The business security tips mentioned in this post aren’t exhaustive, and there are plenty of other things you can do. Following this, you should take a good look at the vulnerabilities within your office so that you can identify potential weak points.

If you do this, you will be able to fix the issues that might lead to burglary, thereby allowing you to further protect your office from theft.

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